More Than You Care to Know!

Here, then, is crap about me.

I have lovely feet. Or so I’ve been told, but really, who cares about that right now? I’ve been knitting for one and a half years and I absolutely love it. Working on my Masters degree and certification in Secondary Education, however, has really cut into my knitting time and it makes me a crab ass. No it doesn’t. I am addicted to my Bloglines, Perez Hilton, and coffee. My kids and my loverman, too. We just moved into our new house and I love it SO much! I think I have spectacular taste in music, and it is for that reason alone that Jim never lets me drive his Element, because when I do I pick the music and he can only stand so much George Michael.

I wish I had something spectacular to write, like, maybe, “Once I cured scoliosis with the spittle of a Box Elder Bug” but a) I don’t think those bugs produce spittle, b) it’s not nice to lie and c) undoubtedly someone would think I was making fun of people with scoliosis and then talk about what an unfeeling dumbass I am.

Thank you.


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2 10 2007

heh heh!

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