David Bowie

17 06 2008

One of the two benefits to having your children involved in way too many extracurricular activities is that there’s a good chance at least one of their coaches/instructors will be hot. My kids’ former karate instructor, one Sensei Chris, was our delightful token hottie for the past year after their former sensei died unexpectedly (although, seriously, he was severely obese, had horrible teeth, and sounded like he’d been a smoker since 3rd grade, so how unexpected could his death have been I ask you? I couldn’t stand him, but NO, I did NOT bust out the voodoo dolly on him). He’s leaving Arizona for North Carolina and a corporate job with the organization through which my kids are learning to kick ass in a major way. By the way, Sensei Chris claims to have trained a champion cage match fighter, but I googled his whole name and found nothing. I seriously think he’s a stoner, despite his tight embrace of martial arts and self-discipline. Anyway, here’s a picture of last Friday’s class. That little blur is my son. Notice, please, the thorough ass-kicking he’s giving Sensei Chris.

I love this new camera. You know what else I love? These stemless wine glasses, the wine inside it, the knitting it sits beside, the lamp behind them, and the table upon which they all sit. I’ve got paint chips on the wall, trying to pick a new color for our walls. What is on the walls now is the grossest, shiniest, stickiest white white white paint ever. Encased in this paint, like Han Solo in that carbon stuff, I’ve found the (2) curly black hairs (they’re at chest level, or so I hope) and one (1) cricket. How do you paint a cricket into a wall? I know HOW, I just don’t get why.

Jimmy swears this is a Jesus fish on our back wall, but seriously. If a Jesus fish were to magically appear to anyone, it would not be either of us.

Knitting! I’m knitting the Lace Ribbon Scarf (too lazy to link, and besides, everyone knows how to find knitting/crochet stuff these days anyway) and here is a super crappy picture! I can get the focus down juuuust right, but I’m having trouble with the color settings on my new camera. I’ll get there.

All right. I really want you all to know how much your sweet comments mean to me! There have been some rather crappy times chronicled on this dusty old blog, and your support and kindness meant a lot to me then. And all these years later, there are some diehard readers (Batty! My most frequent and lovely reader!) still offering me so much kindness and cheer. The other night I had a dream about my first day of school, which is coming up sooner than I think OH MY GOD. I dreamt that my kids were horrible, ill-behaved monsters. In my dream I was so incompetent and freaked out, I tearfully begged the janitor to come help my get my students under control. I guess that’s nothing compared to the dream I had last night in which legless people were being hoisted by pulleys onto a table so they could have sex. Ok, WTF?