My therapist says not to see you no more.

22 03 2008

I realize that’s a double-negative, and that my therapist means that I should see more of you, but what James meant when they sang that is “My therapist is telling me to stay away from you because you drive me crazy and not in the good way, but in the Britney Spears You Drive Me Crazy head-shaving way.” 

For some reason I like to pretend I’m a prude.  I’m not.  I’m coarse, I’m vulgar, I appreciate a good dirty joke, but all in the privacy of my own little world.  And I don’t like it when people bust into my own little world with their vulgarities.  I’m also very liberal in my definition of “my own little world.”  By liberal I mean it’s ok when I’m coarse and vulgar, but not anyone else.  This is something I need to work on, and so I shall.  I get quite uptight and judgmental when something goes down that’s not to my liking.  Realizing you have a problem is the first step.  Living in a glass house, as I am, I should not be throwing stones.  Which is all my way of saying I do solemnly swear to no longer get uptight and panties-in-a-wad-ed over anything on ravelry ever again.  Thank you.

So what’s up with my knitting?  I’ll tell you what’s up.  I’ve got that Noro sock I’m working on when I’m very very bored, and that’s about it.  And that’s because I now know how to crochet and let me tell you, I take back every bitchy, condescending thing I ever said or thought about crochet. 


That’s going to be a Babette blanket for my son.  He’s too young to know that the 70s were the height, the pinnacle, the zenith of tacky ugliness and that these colors bring back all of that in one fell swoop.  He’s in love with it, which thrills me to so many pieces.  That yarn is Cotton Ease. It’s so soft.  It’s so cheap.  It is so machine washable.  I can’t wait until it’s done!  And then I’ll make another one to throw in the couch, and Loverman and I shall snuggle under it and ok, now I realize that yarn needs to be machine washable, too, if you know what I mean and I think you do.




18 responses

22 03 2008

I like your vulgarness.

23 03 2008

I won’t be vulgar anymore! I promise!!!

23 03 2008

Ha ha! Gross! My virgin eyeballs!

23 03 2008

Does that mean you don’t want me to say “fuck” in your comments anymore? Dammit.

The blanket squares are cute! What size hook are you using for the cotton ease? I’d crochet more but I don’t really know how to match up hooks and yarn. Yeah, I could read the ball band but for some reason, crochet is more something I like to wing than follow a pattern for.

23 03 2008

Oh no, you go right on ahead and say fuck all you want! Just don’t give me pictures of topless babes in pasties. That’s all I ask! Or a snatchel. Those I can live without! :p

23 03 2008

I don’t do Ravelry because I have a similar vulgar-yet-offended-by-other-people’s-vulgarity problem. Although somebody else saying fuck doesn’t really constitute vulgarity in my world. But maybe I’m weird.

Babette is going to be gorgeous. I wish I could crochet well enough to make one.

24 03 2008

Hey! I’m making the Babette blanket in Cotton Ease too! Not that I’ve touched it in months and months and months. It was supposed to keep me warm at the nephews football games last fall.

Can’t wait to see your progress and finished results since I don’t think I’ll be getting to mine for a little while yet.

24 03 2008

Oh dear. Ravelry. I try to stay away from the boards there, for the reason you just alluded to. Knitty’s the place for me, by gum!

Your Babette is looking bootaful. I want to make one, too!

24 03 2008

Love the blanket and I had to eat my words about crochet too! Now, a post about vulgar and the need for a washable babette for you and Loverman has my inner 14 year old boy laughing his arse off!

25 03 2008

I’ve obviously missed an Important Incident on Ravelry. Please PM me a link to the Ravelry thread(s) or post(s) with you being prudish, being vulgar, and/or getting your panties in a wad.

(Yes, that Captain.)

27 03 2008

You’re so naughty!

27 03 2008

So does this mean you have forsaken the straight needles in favour of the hooked one?

29 03 2008

Wow, what happened on the Rav? Apparently I am not smart enough or do not have enough patience or time to notice these things. But I’m a cultural slacker. I have long admired the Babette blanket, even before I knew how to crochet. (And now that I know, I still cannot do it very well, since it gets all ripply and crazy, even when I use nice yarns) I am glad that N is enjoying it so much. Maybe he can help you with it?

31 03 2008

I’ve been bi-craftual lately too, hooking and stitching! And I like it!
Rav is too big; it makes my head spin. I’ll have a couple of days when I’m on it often, but then I’m away for a few weeks. I love it as a pattern/stash database though.

4 04 2008

Want me to crochet you some pasties?

19 04 2008

Ravelry is no place for the sensitive heart like yours OLPP. I’d not fret about it and go with what you’ve got. I’d hate to say I was able to run through that maddening crowd without objections. That would mean I am something I do not want to be.

I hear tell you are to marry, maybe even today the 19th?
I want to wish you all the happiness in the world, but I think you’ve already found it in JJ and the beautiful kids. Best Wishes for a glorious future.

22 07 2008

obviously we need an update on this crochet-adventure!
(is it bad that instead of spending $6 on a pattern I just looked at everyone’s pictures and figured it out? I’m such a cheapskate)

Those colors are amazing together, I want to see in in person and touch it and smell it and— well, after its been washed 😉

4 08 2008

Ravelry has finally cured me of my message board ‘needs’, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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