So what you’re saying is….

28 01 2008

So.  All that happy clap-trap was before I met the delightful creature who I’ll call Smayla Smaxwell.  Student privacy and all.  The evil evil ass-faced bitch actually told me to shut up and chill out.  Oh yes, and then she invited me to bite her.  Remind me, why am I doing this?  Why did I want to be a teacher? 


I’m just kidding.  I love teaching, I really do.  I just hate that evil ass-faced bitch and hope she … transfers.

PS- Noro Sock Yarn.  Believe, yo.




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28 01 2008

Hey! I teach students like that! Maybe they will regret it one day when their children talk back to them in the same manner (because you KNOW that they will procreate, no matter what we think about their contributions to the gene pool!)

28 01 2008
Tsock Tsarina

You need some CPaAGG time, is what you need. We might invite you to bits us, too, but if you tried to do it you’d find yourself with a mouthful of cake.

As for the Noro business – as someone we know would say, pictures or it didn’t happen.

29 01 2008

Yeah they can’t be all happy campers. I think the hardest part has got to be acting like an adult yourself. Because I’d ask her to bend over if she invited me to bite her.

Congrats on being a bigger person than her and me! Hee hee!

29 01 2008

Ah yes, student teaching. I remember when my mom was doing it. I believe that she referred to her students as “the little peckerheads.”

Keep yer chin up, lady. They can’t all be good days.

29 01 2008

Smayla’s still in school? Huh.

29 01 2008

I learned the hard way that once you get into an argument with a student, you’ve lost.

My favorite “confrontation style” was to just look at them, you know, maybe with a little disappointment in my eyes (7th graders) and make them squirm. Right, they will call you every name in the book so as to avoid bursting into tears, whatever, you’ve kept your mouth shut, and won! Buahahaha! I mean, ahem, success.

30 01 2008
1 02 2008

I’m going to direct my eldest neice to your site from now on, she’s at uni studying English and teaching.
Bob help her!

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