Unce-a Punce-a Time….

14 11 2007

Heavens no, Ed, I haven’t forgotten about you or my blog.  I’ve been studying, teaching, buying a house, flying across the country to see my new baby niece, knitting an awful hat for Jim, and busy with life in general.  I go through phases where I can’t be arsed to blog, look at blogs, or think about blogs.  I mostly grow out of those phases, although I’m in the middle of the “can’t be arsed to look at blogs” thing.  I’m being moody.

Since I won’t show you pictures of my new niece, new house, students, or what I ate for breakfast (because I ate it, see), I’ll show you pictures of my current one true knitting love- the Moonlight Sonata shawl. 


After months and MONTHS and months of trying to decide what to knit for my wedding shawl, after a few false starts, this is the one.  Here’s a close up of the double increase, which for the LIFE OF ME I cannot figure out how to do properly according to the recipe in this pattern.  So instead of all knit stitches at the start of every new circle, I have purl stitches.  I’m sure with blocking they’ll be less noticeable, but even then I think they’re ok. 


Can you imagine having the super mega brain that was able to come up with this insanely gorgeous pattern?  Isn’t it amazing in its complexity?  Don’t you think I must be so frickin’ smart and such an incredible knitter to knit this?  Seriously.  I can’t wait to wear it, and I think I’ll have it mounted and framed after the wedding so I can gaze upon its loveliness every day.






6 responses

14 11 2007

Yay you’re back. I know how you feel.
What happened to the Icarus for the wedding big head?

14 11 2007

There is no way I could come up with lace on my own. My feeble brain would implode!! It will make a lovely wedding shawl.

I wish I could blame being busy for lack of blogging…I’m just outta material!

14 11 2007

ooooo… preeeetty…

15 11 2007

Wait a sec….You knit?!? Holy Toledo BatGirl! I thought you were clever before, well now I’m really impressed!

OK, now I’m curious about this double increase….

16 11 2007

That shawl has been on my must knit list from the moment it appeared on the website. I love your yarn choice, it adds even more dimension to an already gorgeous pattern.

And your life has been so busy! Very exciting times, in a good way.

16 11 2007

Hi again! thought i’d return the lurking favor. 😉

congratulations on the engagement! the shawl looks lovely, and i can only imagine all the warm gooshy feelings you’re knitting into it.

“i love you too brett”

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