Me! Me! Or is it meme? Whatever.

18 10 2007

All right.  I’m trying to start a hugely popular meme.  Just to see if I can.  If I can’t, I hope a pigeon flies by and … never mind.  Too much R Kelly yesterday!  My answers are in red.  TAKE THIS!  PUT IT ON  YOUR BLOG!

Spooky!  Scary!  Halloweenie! 

1.  Do you believe in ghosts?

I am not sure.  As soon as I decide that they can only scare and not harm me, I probably will.

2.  Have you ever seen a ghost?

No, but I sort of want to.  Only sort of, though.  It seems to me that as soon as I start believing in ghosts I have to believe in vampires and the boogey man and aliens, stuff like that.

3.  Have you ever experienced something that is best described by the word “paranormal”?

When I was a kid my mother had a little carousel horse music box.  No one was allowed to touch it because it was fragile (and ugly) but that thing would play music on its own all the time.  It was very creepy.  Especially in the middle of the night.  If I inherit that thing I’m throwing it away.

4.  Do you watch any ghost or haunting themed shows?

Yes!!  I watch Ghost Hunters and sometimes Most Haunted, or whatever that show is with the crazy Brits.

5.  If so, do you sometimes sleep with the lights on or wake up your partner because the show scared you a whole lot and you can’t sleep and don’t want to be awake alone?

Yes.  I will wake up Jimmy when Ghost Hunters gets too creepy.  I’ll pretend it was accidental, but it’s not. 

6.  Have you ever been to a supposedly haunted place?  If so, did you experience anything spooky?

In the next town over from where I grew up there was an allegedly haunted place called “The Gate.”  I’m not sure if it was an actual gate.  One night a few of my girlfriends and I decided to drive out to The Gate to see what we could see.  We were in a small car, I was in the back seat ALONE.  As we got closer and closer to The Gate I became increasingly agitated.  (read: frickin’ scared)  So I climbed between the two front seats to try to sit on my friend Val’s lap.  I was not graceful, this was a small car, and I accidentally hit the gear shifter to neutral.  So the car stalled and we sat there screaming in the middle of the dark and spooky road.  The ONLY thing that kept me from wetting my pants was the fact that I was sitting on Val’s lap.  She would have thrown me out of the car.

7.  How much do you love Halloween?

I love Halloween SO MUCH, but I don’t like all the horror movies that come along with it.  And we usually end up throwing away 85% of the candy.  A moment on anyone’s lips, a lifetime on my hips.  Not fair.


Ok!  Take this meme!  Put it on your blog!  And then let me know if yu did because I want to read aaaaaaaall about it!!




14 responses

18 10 2007

I’ll play! Stealing me me me me now and posting answers shortly!

18 10 2007

Thank you! I will be stealing this one!

18 10 2007

My answers are up!

18 10 2007

I’m saving this one for next week! You and my Dr. MS have the same “I’m scared and want to cuddle” ghosty reflex…hahahahah!

19 10 2007

I’m not going to play. Because I’m boring when it comes to ghosts and Halloween. Although I have been to an abandoned, hauten mental asylum. But the only spooky thing there were the pentagrams and candle wax on the floor. And the rickety steps that we went up, only to be scared of coming back down.

I guess I just don’t have “the sight.”

19 10 2007

I’m with Robin on this one.
I’ve been to allegedly haunted places and experienced nothing out of the ordinary and as far as the shows on tv go, well I’m not going to start.
It’s all bunk and hocum as far as I’m concerned.
Look out behind you!

19 10 2007

I love it! Very Halloweeny.

19 10 2007

i did it!

(and some of the stuff still scares me)

20 10 2007

I did it too, just becaue I couldn’t sleep last night. If you want any elaborations on my ghost or paranormal experiences, I’ll have to write you in private. It is way TMI about my psycho-ology for the blogging public.

20 10 2007

Great meme! Got it from Magatha.

21 10 2007

I’ll definitely be doing this one. Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog about the Halloween Clay Pot people. You totally made my day!

22 10 2007

Okay, it’s posted on my blog today. Perhaps I should have saved it for Halloween. Ah well.

27 10 2007

Sure, I’m on it.

30 10 2007

Okay, mine is up!

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