So much fun, I’m not even kidding.

17 10 2007

All right. It’s been a busy week. I finished the Saartje Booties. Isn’t that the most fun thing to say? Saartje Booties. I love it. All I need now is to put on buttons, and I even HAVE some, so there we are. Baby Niece is due to appear tomorrow! So just in time.

This past Sunday was so grand! I got to meet Sarah while she was in town for a conference. We met for brunch at a place which I’m sure was once a glorious diner but now is reduced to selling rattlesnake-shaped mugs at the register. And reading glasses, too, I think, although I could be confusing that with something else. Like the optometrist. Anyway, we had a lovely breakfast and I asked her a million questions about cheese, archeology, sheep, vegetables, yarn, knitting, marriage, weddings, teaching, and many other things. It’s important you know that this diner wasn’t our first choice. On the other hand, it was the only place that was open in downtown Mesa on a Sunday, so it was our only choice and thus by default our first choice. Whatever. As we strolled along Main Street we happened upon a few weird statues. Here is perhaps the weirdest:

Right. This makes me think that Mesa, Arizona, is perhaps a fundamentally depressed town. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, fell off, broke, and stayed that way because no one could fix him. Sad, huh? And a statue to commemorate the sadness and futility of life. Happily, though, it’s right next to a yarn shop that I’ve never visited, to that lifted my spirits some. So there we have Blogstalker Week 5, an interesting statue.

Right. My entire morning has been eaten up alive by this hot mess, and I simply cannot turn my eyes away. Last night we took the kids to see Weird Al at the AZ State Fair and it was SO GREAT!!! I can’t remember what in recent history has made me as happy as seeing my kids’ faces light up as a half dozen storm troopers walked onto that stage last night. They knew the Star Wars songs were coming, which is all they really know, but they know all of them. They jumped up and down and hugged each other, I nearly died. It was indescribably wonderful to see them having so much fun. I got a kick out of the song “Trapped in the Drive Thru”, and made a mental note to find out what song he was parodying with it. It turns out that it’s not a song, but an entire …. what, production? I’ve been watching that all day cracking up. If you ever read my blog ever again after today, you’ll understand why it reads like R Kelly’s hip hop opera from this day forward.

I’m really going to work on not starting every single sentence with the word “so”, promise.




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17 10 2007

I’ve never seen that statue in Mesa, although I’ve done my best to spend as little time there as possible! Poor Humpty. Don’t tell anybody, but it is a depressing town. Always has been. I hated going there when I was a kid. Couldn’t wait to get back to Scottsdale.

Hey, your kids are as cute as the dickens. I am so jealous, I’ve never seen Weird Al live. I’m a huge fan.

17 10 2007

The kiddies are so… big!

17 10 2007

Ah, nothing like a broken egg being trampled by all the king’s men to inspire the youth of tomorrow…

One of the local radio stations plays excerpts from that R. Kelley train wreck and it’s…it’s…I can’t even think of a word to describe it. I can only imagine what the Weird Al parody sounds like! I still remember his song, “I’m Fat”. Okay, just realized how freaking old I am…

17 10 2007

And I’m going to work on not ending every sentence with …

18 10 2007

For an egg that’s about to die and then have its remains mutilated by soldiers and horses, Humpty looks quite happy.

What are the kids about to eat, an ostrich leg?

18 10 2007

I think I start every sentence with SO and end it with… We should start a club.

I love your kids. I love that you can tell that they belong to you even in a picture where they’re posing with a turkey leg. (Was it good? The one I got at the fair might have been a fake turkey leg instead, it was so rubbery. How embarrassing would THAT have been?)

R. Kelly! The suspense! The drama! The swinging! The little people! The pee! It looks like something that belongs on Saturday Night Live, or something, but he takes it superserious. He’s doing another one, you know that? Something with Usher. I’ll investigate and report back with details.

18 10 2007

Our whole family has created new words for the Trapped in the Closet song over the last year. Yes, even the 5-year-old. I’m a very bad mom, eh?

22 10 2007
knitting bandit

I like that statue. It made me smile.

27 11 2007
Bad Amy

That picnic photo is a total HOOT! 😛

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