What I Like About You, You Really Know How to Dance!

11 10 2007

All right. Three things I luuuuuuuuurve, three things I hate.

Let’s get the unpleasantness out of the way first, bueno?

This picture was taken from the Chair ‘O Torture at the Officina de Torture, or, to the common folk, the dentist office. A few weeks ago I nearly died in the throes of agony caused by something gone horribly awry in the root area of my tooth. This tooth, a back molar, if you must know, broke two-ish years ago when I bit into a jalapeño cheddar bagel from Chompies. It’s not that anything was wrong with the bagel, the tooth had an old filling that finally gave out. I blame the desert weather. So I had a root canal, and yesterday I went back for the temporary crown. To do this, the dentist gauges out any last remnant of filling that may be in your tooth or perhaps all the way up to the bottom part of your brain pan. They they jam into your mouth some weird mesh tray thing, heavy with dental foam that undergoes some sort of chemical reaction when it comes into contact with saliva and the stub of what was once your tooth. And then you drool more, perhaps all down the right side of your face, perhaps forming a pool in your collarbone. Anyway, I hate bugs AND the dentist, so this picture counts for two of three. This grasshoppah, by the way, was as long as my hand from fingertip to heel of my palm.

I also hate the Pepto Bismol commercial where ordinary people are auditioning to be the next stars of the PB commercial. Come on. At this point in American culture, we ALL know what Pepto Bismol is, so there is NO NEED to have people singing about nausea, heart burn, indigestion, upset stomach and what I priggishly refer to as “the potty affliction.”

Now to happy!

I love yarn.

I love how weird my kids are.
I love all the sweet people who have commented on Mr. Hedgehog! He was SO very easy to make, I think everyone should make one. Some family members of mine will be receiving multi-hued hedgies for Christmas.

I’ve also finishes a baby bootie, and oh my god, it is so cute. Ok! Now you know.




14 responses

11 10 2007

I do hate that Pepto Bismol commercial too.

You pinch really hard? That’s the greatest card ever. SO sweet. I’m glad you took a picture of it.

11 10 2007

Bugs freak me out as well, but living in Blightyland our bugs have the decency to remain small, thank bob.
Dentist!!! Aghhh! just think “Steve Martin” in the little shop of horrors, or marathon man. Every time I go to the dentists I have died and am in HELL!
Pepto? I don’t know.

We all know the hog was cute and Knitting makes you happy, what an effing cop out.



11 10 2007

OH, well if you want to swap dental horror stories, I’m afraid I will win. I went through all that with two teeth and they still hurt. The root canals were failures, in both teeth. Sad but true. I’ve spent $7000 on my teeth in the last 18 months and still I can’t bite into an apple or a piece of toast or chew anything on the left side of my mouth. Not that I’m bitter about it or anything. 😉

You pinch really hard! Dang-it. Adorable. My mom was a pincher too.

12 10 2007

Wow. I’m just impressed by your hate twofer!

12 10 2007

Oy. I never hated the dentist until this summer when the sadistic hygienist brought out a little thing called a “Cavitron” to remove some recalcitrant tartar. I still shudder at the thought of it. And that foam goo is completely pukeworthy, too.

Love the card. My kids are too young to write legibly, but I take pictures of the good cards too.

12 10 2007

oh man, I forgot about the dentist….scares me to death!!

That card is a keeper.

12 10 2007

Hahaha, you’re kids are awesome!

My mom was a pincher too, except with her TOES! I shit you not. How awful is that? I think that’s why I have a very strong hate for toes now.

13 10 2007

The bug is awful, but surely the fact that you had to go through that so close to a window on the street is worse – yikes!

13 10 2007

… you forgot that you love our stinky cheese man!!

14 10 2007

No insect has any business growing that big. Over and out.

14 10 2007

I’m embarrassed to admit that I secretly like the Pepto commercial with the Japanese style giant monsters…..

14 10 2007
Bionic Knitter

Bugs have no business being able to jump at you, especially if your a great fantastic friend

14 10 2007

Grasshoppers – creepy.
Dentists – double creepy.
Why don’t you just put a picture of kale in this post and kill me now?

15 10 2007
Penny Karma

That card is the most hysterical thing ever.

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