Repent and believe, ye sinners, I actually KNIT something!

7 10 2007

Ok. I have actually KNIT something and FINISHED it. Jimmy’s sister is having a baby in a few weeks and rather than keep knitting that baby kimono, which I of course messed up, I got the Huggable Hedgehog pattern and some yarn. 

Here it is on the needles so you know for sure that I knit it:

Here it is in a pot of boiling water:

Here it is drying outside:


Here it is just chillin’ on the patio:

I know these are boring photos, but I fell like I need to prove that I actually knit it. I love this thing, I really do!


Pattern: Huggable Hedgehog for Fiber Trends by Debbie Radke

Yarn: One skein of Perendale Naturally New Zealand Yarns, one skein and a tiny bit of a second eyelash yarn, Temptation Naturally New Zealand Yarns.

Modifications: The recipe calls for knitting this hedgie flat, even though it’s on circulars. I took this to mean that if I wanted to knit in the round that would be just fine. But you know what this means? It means this thing is oddly-shaped, even after felting, and it has stitches in its side where I had to make a small hole to allow for stuffing. Whatever. It’s for a baby! She’ll probably barf on it a time or two. That is, if her mother doesn’t take one look at it and shove it in the drawer. I’d totally let my baby have a hedgehog!

Weird toys are the best. Especially hand-knit toys from an auntie with total baby fever.




22 responses

7 10 2007

Those photos are not boring! (Although the one in the pot scared me a little!)

7 10 2007

cute little thing.

7 10 2007

That is the CUTEST THING EVAH!!!

7 10 2007

you boiled it and it felted? is there a trick to this felting method?
(says she who’s too lazy to go down to the basement to felt one small bag in the washer.)

7 10 2007

Ah! That is TOO cute! Who’d have thought knitting could turn little wildife rodents into adorable creatures!

7 10 2007

No way, Jose. I felted it in a pillow case in the washer first, but the paws didn’t felt so well. That’s why I threw it in the pot, and they felted up right quick after that. Of course, I burned off my fingertips so I’m now free to rob banks or something without the fear of leaving incriminating finger prints behind!

7 10 2007

I’m wowed by your stuffed animal embroidery skillz there. That looks like a major PITA to put eyeballs and a nose on.

But he’s cute. And I’m with you–every baby should get a hedgehog, and a spider hat, and a squid pacifyer holder 😉

7 10 2007

That is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!! Not boring AT ALL!!

Being boiled alive is an interesting birth! So being “loved” by a child should be a piece of cake!

7 10 2007

It’s so cute!!

7 10 2007

what a cute boiled hedgehog! I’ve been wanting to make one of those for a while.

7 10 2007

He’s so scary looking boiling in the pot! But cute as a button sitting in the sun on the patio. Love it!

7 10 2007

So cute! I have this pattern and have been meaning to make it for eons. *sigh* Maybe for Christmas.

7 10 2007

How adorable!

8 10 2007

Awww, how cute!

9 10 2007

OH, he’s sweet! I need to knit and felt up some toys for all the babies I will surrounded by in the next few months!

9 10 2007

I thought I had commented on this the other day. But apparently I just dreamed about it. Sir Hedgie is awfully cute, and I hope he is very appreciated.

9 10 2007
Vera B.

Adorable! My mom loves hedgehogs. I wonder if I could whip one up before the holidays roll around…you’ve inspired me!

9 10 2007

So cute!!!

11 10 2007

That is soooo cute! I might steal your idea for the preggers gals I know.

11 10 2007

Gah. I WANT one. Wanty.

I don’t need another project. I think I can prevent another UFO by chanting “eyelash yarn” over and over (I don’t own any).

But Mr GiantBaby would so love a hedgepig. Even, or especially, a rainbow-coated one.


This will pass…. ;D

22 10 2007

He is fantastic and I want one!

Oh yeah, I should get through my other 10 UFOs first. But I love him – he is so cute and clever!

22 10 2007
knitting bandit

The 1st picture had me saying ‘What the heck?” Then it prgoressed to “Ewww…” and then finally I saw the absolute cutest knit toy I’ve ever seen! I love it!

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