Og glemt meg, gjemt deg, brukt meg, f**k deg.

27 09 2007

So apparently pictures of a voo doo dolly nestled in a bed of gorgeous yarn is “culturally insensitive”, or so says my bank.  I tried to go for their “personalize your Visa check card!” deal and my image, which is precisely what you see up there on top of my blog, was DENIED!  Seriously? 

Now, I’m pretty much a pansy in real life, don’t let my big blog mouth fool you.  I wouldn’t purposefully offend anyone.  But that’s it.  The day has come when an individual may not personalize her Visa check card with a picture of a voo doo dolly nestled in yarn, because, what, the bank doesn’t want to be associated with voo doo?  Come on, people, lighten up. 

I’m switching banks.

The PC Terrorists have won.

 PS- the naked plastic baby is not from a King cake.  It’s just a naked plastic baby to have.




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27 09 2007

Sheesh. It’s just a doll. I wonder who’s job it is to figure all this out and make the “JUDGEMENT” for the bank?

27 09 2007
Penny Karma

Why is the category Eyeball Lick??

27 09 2007

Because it’s creepy. Like the bank bastards. I am offended that they think I’m trying to be offensive. I’m writing then a good-bye letter.

27 09 2007

Geeez, seeing the words written out like that in your headline makes me dislike that song even more…

Swithch banks, they’re no good for treating you that way!

(Oh, and I really liked your purse guts!)

28 09 2007

That’s odd – because I didn’t think voodoo when I first glanced at the banner.

I think I need to get a banner…

28 09 2007

That sucks. I wonder if all religious imagery is banned, or just voodoo images…might make a good question for the bank. Not that the doll looks particularly voodooish to me. I thought real voodoo dolls were made of wax. Your doll is more of a mascot. Have they banished all mascots too?

Weird. I’d look for a new bank, but not before making a stink. If they’re going to give you a headache, I’d give one back.

PC terrorists indeed.

28 09 2007

It wasn’t really the voodoo doll you know.
I think you just found someone who doesn’t like yarn.

I have to see the bank this afternoon for a review (they just want my money is all), I’ll have to put on a sensible head.
And wac the tips of my moustache so I can twirl it during the review.

Give ’em hell.

28 09 2007

That’s wax not wac, damn these sausages.

28 09 2007

Guro! Theresa made me love that song. It’s all her fault! She started me on my Learn Norwegian kick and decided that song was the best way to do it!

I know I’m being ridiculous over this, but come on. WHAT is this world COMING TO when a body can’t have a voo doo doll and yarn on her check card???

28 09 2007

Dude, there are plenty of people that practice voodoo and knit. I would write them a letter (when you leave the bank) and tell them that you are one of those people and therefore it is THEY who are being culturally insensitive to your belief system and hobby. Bastards.

Time to wrap Mr. Dolly in an ATM receipt and stick some pins in him eh?

29 09 2007

Ahh. It’s Norwegian. I thought you’d had a stroke while re-titling you entry.

29 09 2007

Wha? I’ve never heard that song in my LIFE!

Also, I agree with Bezzie. 🙂

1 10 2007

And here I thought it was just a doll-shaped pin cushion (how offensive!) But I agree that it should be treated the same as any religious imagery.

1 10 2007

Naked plastic doll? What naked plastic doll? Why do I always miss the naked plastic dolls? Unfair.

3 10 2007

Disclaimer *I’m a dork who likes to turn bureaucracy on its head!*

If you want to fight it, wade through the gate keepers to the Public Affairs/Relations Office (not Customer Service). When you start reaching the higher echelons, keep track of whom you have spoken with; drop their names as you move ever higher. DO NOT LET THEM PUT YOU ON HOLD! Everytime they want to transfer you, get a name and a direct number before transfer.

When you reach Public Affairs, let them know that you are deeply disturbed by the bank’s refusal to accept your icon. They have said by implication that you and your passion for yarn are culturally insensitive. Tell them that is perilously close to slander and you will not stand for it.

If you make enough noise, Public Affairs will send you to the person (not department) who will fix the problem….

Of course, all of this assumes you have no life and all the time in the world to spend on the phone. It’s a lot easier to switch banks and write a letter, but most of those letters end up in the circular file.

4 10 2007

I’d have to agree with Ed. I think the bank didn’t like the yarn. Must be something with banks and yarn this year…remember the blue moon sock club fiasco? 🙂

7 10 2007

Culturally insensitive, eh? I knew I liked you. 😉

8 10 2007


I don’t think it’s personal.

Because we know that banks are impersonal to everyone.

Really, they don’t discriminate at all. They treat everyone that way. I do mean everyone.

Ask me how I know.

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