Blogstalker 2, Week 2, Purse Guts!

24 09 2007

Purse guts! Just so you know, I took out my crack pipe and Pocket Rocket last week when I read that this was our theme. So what you’ll see here is quite sedate and not at all unusual. Also, since my children are 9 and almost 11, I don’t have any kid stuff to carry around. From time to time I might carry Jim’s phone and wallet, but that’s rare.

Here is my latest acquisition from the fine shops along the beachfront in Puerto Peňasco, Mexico. Much like the first purse I bought down there, I’m not going to make a statement on its authenticity. There is a name stamped on the front, yes, but it’s stamped into pleather. And I think the real company doesn’t stamp, I think it has a little metal thing. Onward! (Oh, the salt and pepper shakers are not ever carried in my purse.)

This is what I dug out of the front pocket. (My phone usually resides in the front pocket, but you see in the picture above that it was sitting on the place mat.) You see my beautiful new red wallet that I LOVE SO MUCH, my phone, sticky tabs for marking interesting things in textbooks that I don’t want to write in because I hope to sell them back to the university for three cents on the dollar, my iPod (which is called the Mama Pod), tweezers, keys, Target receipt, Aleve, and lip balm- mint flavored SPF 15!

Here are the innards of the middle pouch. Checkbook and pen, Benefit WhetherGirl makeup thingy, deodorant (smells like man), more lip balm, dental floss, gum, Voo Doo doll (RIP ex-MIL and psychotic dog) (call for an appointment) and hand sanitizer.

Finally, this is all from the back pocket. Make-up bag, coordinating pen, pencil, and eraser, a knitted Fong (go me!) white-out, Sculpey Devil Creature Chloe made me, naked plastic baby, a mirror, some money, and more receipts.




I really wish I had more weird stuff.  The Devil Creature and plastic naked baby are sort of out there, so I give myself props for that.  Oh, and there are feminine hygiene products in the back zipper pouch, of course, but heck.  Ya see one tampon ya seen ‘em all.









21 responses

24 09 2007

I love the baby and plastic devil. And you never know when a voodoo doll will come in handy!

24 09 2007

I think we both need to make a pact that we’re going to carry more weird stuff around in our bags. But props definitely go for the naked baby.

Also, LOVE the voodoo doll. Now why don’t I carry one of those around?

24 09 2007

Now that would have been funny if the salt and pepper shakers were regular members of the bag occupants 😉

24 09 2007

Is it too late to join?!?! I wanna play and I haven’t been on the knitty boards in a long time cause I’m a loser and have been knitting instead of being on the computer.

Huh? Can I? PLEEEAAASSSSEE??? I’ll even do the past assignments Ms. OLPP!

24 09 2007

Oh, right, the voodoo doll is totally normal. That’s a very nice little devil Chloe made you. Would she like to sculpt me a larynx?

24 09 2007

Is the little plastic baby from that kind of thing that used to go around my workplace: someone brings in dessert and whoever has the baby in their portion has to bring it next? Or is it just to carry around a plastic baby?

24 09 2007

I like the little naked baby – I actually had one that was a childhood toy that I carried around in university. It somehow ended up being my little good luck charm for exam-writing!

24 09 2007

One never knows when one needs a spare baby.

24 09 2007

I took my bong and my carton of monkey chow out of my purse guts too before the photo shoot. No need to upset anyone with anything illegal. So far everyone’s purses have been very ‘normal’. I haven’t even seen a condom, which is the thing I expected to see most of besides tampons.
It’s pretty weird to have a little plastic baby in your purse, shining there in a non sequitur sort of way.

24 09 2007
Ed' next door neighbour

Wow. Quite an eclectic collection. I can’t wait to see what Ed comes up with for this one … !!!

25 09 2007

Yes, indeed. so would I!

25 09 2007

I WANT TO PLAY! I’m going to start doing the Blogstalking, too.

PS! Thank you for being a Sprint Nextel Customer. If you have ANY issues, please let me know. I’ll get you to our HQ Customer Care team. I used to have a Treo 650, but I made a lateral to the Motorola Q which I, also, love. Hopefully, you’re a very happy customer and we’d like to hear those stories, too. 🙂

25 09 2007

Your purse is so clean. Can I borrow the voodoo doll? It would come in handy at work this week.

25 09 2007
Sarah the DomesticOverlord

I will vow to carry more weird stuff. Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown away that waffle…

25 09 2007

It makes me wonder sometimes if I got hit by a car and they had to rummage around in my purse for my ID. What would they think when they pulled out the voodoo doll, naked baby, and devil? Hee hee!

26 09 2007

did the baby come from a king cake?

26 09 2007

I love the plastic baby and devil creature. I think I need stuff like that for hypothetical paramedics….. Maybe they’s think I was weird in a cool way, instead of just a messy mom.

27 09 2007

Pleather or not, it’s a cool lookin’ purse! I love the voodoo doll – and that plastic baby reminds me of the ones they put in king cake or whatever it is in New Orleans.
Re: your post on my blog about tattoo artists – I have *no clue* what the henna tattoo they did means. 😛 😛 I just know it DOESN’T mean what they say it means – because I have the Kanji symbol ready to go for the actual tattoo…and that was provided to me by a Japanese friend, so I KNOW that one is right! 😛

27 09 2007

I love the fact that you carry a voodoo doll around in your purse – that totally cracks me up! And you immediately get points in my book for being a Target shopper. Target rocks!

27 09 2007

see, now i want a plastic baby for my purse, too! you know, to go with my BOOGER SUCKER!

30 09 2007

We have the same bottle of Purell!

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