Saturday Sky, Phoenix Style

1 09 2007

It’s so rare that we have clouds in the sky, but I must remind myself that this is the “monsoon season.”  I detest that finger quotes motion almost as much as I detest Algebra, but you must read “monsoon season” in finger quotes.  A brief and stingy smattering of rain constitutes a monsoon around here.  Can you imagine?  That’s like calling, um, something really small by a name that implies something really big.  But you can’t be sarcastic about it.

Anyway.  Saturday Sky, Phoenix style.



It’s about to rain, and the salmon is about to burn

Happy long weekend, everybody!  Next stop- Vegas!  Will we get married?  Vote below in the comments.  First commenter with the correct answer is the first commenter with the correct answer!




9 responses

1 09 2007

Yes! No! Maybe!

There, now I’ve got all my bases covered.

2 09 2007

naaahhh. you’re not done with your shawl! =]
beautiful sky pics!

2 09 2007


2 09 2007

Nope. No marrying yet. None of the wedding knitting is done yet? Or is it???

3 09 2007
P del F (Fireball)

You’ll seriously think about getting married, but will change your mind out of sentimentality at the last moment.

Missing you! Haven’t talked in ages…

3 09 2007

Gorgeous sky pics.

Nope, not getting married…..yet. 🙂

3 09 2007

Wow, that’s impressive!

I don’t think you’ll get married in Vegas, but I’ve been wrong about this before.

4 09 2007

Consider not getting married in Las Vegas. It is such a McDonald’s assembly line sort of experience to be married here. (And some people like that fine.) Sure the more money you spend the ‘nicer ‘ it is, but take the union of JJ and OLPP seriously and marry where you live. That’s just MNSHO, you can disregard it to your heart’s content.

I also don’t like the term “monsoon season” to refer to our late summer thunderstorms, arroyo washers and floods. It has always irked me since everyone started using it. When I was a kid in Scottsdale, they didn’t call it the monsoon season. They called it summer storms. As it should be.
Hey! Is that Sqaw Peak in your first cloud pic? Your cloud photos are BeeeeeUUUUUUTTTTYYYYFULLLLLL!!!!! You know I am a sucker for good cloudage, and as a fellow desert dweller, you know exactly why.

4 09 2007

Magatha, you want clouds? come to the UK

OLPP, if you’ve already been to Vagas, I hope you didn’t get married. If you’re yet to go, don’t get married in Vagas.
Get hitched in or close to you’re home town or Dorset.

I would say nice pics but all this summer the sky has looked like that over here.


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