So You can Shoot Me, or You Can Throw Me Off a Train

15 08 2007

No you can’t. But that’s the snippet from “Life is a Pigsty” by Morrissey that’s been stuck in my head since leaving for the kids’ school to pick them up this afternoon. It’s hard not to sing it out loud around them, I sing all the time. “So you can shoot me and you can throw me off a train, but I still maintain, I still main-tay-ee-ay-ee-ayn that life, life is a pigsty!” It’s true. I think Morrissey has lived many lives, given his songs for all occasions, and I submit that this is his favorite one so far considering the many songs he sings about life. Life is a pigsty. I don’t think he’s complaining or bemoaning this fact. I think he’s telling us to lighten up.

By the way, this was an absolutely amazing live performance. I was absolutely captivated during this song. And not only because I thought for a wild and frightened moment that Morrissey was going to start masturbating on stage a la Madonna, lying down on the stage with his feet propped up on the drum platform.

I have nothing knitting-related to tell you. Between knitty and Ravelry I’m burnt out on knitting for a little while. Even with all that lovely yarn and those wonderful needles, I just need a break. And it’s not like I’ve been churning out the hits, either, I think I’ve just eaten too much knitting content.

I just read Blackwood Farm by Anne Rice. I tried to get Lynnea to participate in Talk Like an Anne Rice Character Day with me, but we were both too busy. That got me to thinking about generations and characters and knitting. You know how the really old vampires don’t like the new ones? Before I go any further, I’m going to say right here and now that I am not, in any way, comparing knitters to vampires and if you draw this conclusion you are patently insane and please go away. Right, so old vampires don’t like new vampires. I’m a very new knitter. I’ve never laid eyes on anything Elizabeth Zimmerman or Barbara Walker wrote or knit. I am so afraid to knit anything that requires any sort of real gauge because that involves math and careful application of knitting skills. SCARY. This knitting blog of mine really is a bunch of crap, honestly. So I wonder what the Old School knitters and knit bloggers think of the explosion of new knitters and new knit bloggers over the past few years, and that leads me to wonder what the world at large thinks of itself and the things we all publish all willy nilly on our blogs or in online forums or anything, really. I’d be more coherent, but life, life is a pigsty.




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16 08 2007

if your blog was just about knitting there is no way I’d stop by so often, but at least yours has a central theme, mine hasn’t.
Also may I suggest you listen to a track by the Arctic Monkeys called “perhaps vampires is a bit strong but”.

Is that Small Gods?

16 08 2007

That IS Small Gods, Ed! One of my favorite stories. It’s the only one of his I’ve read, though.

16 08 2007

TP’s books keep getting better and better, I have them all in paperback but D in Pompy has them all in hard cover, some money spent there.
If you plan on reading any of the others or are going to start from the beginning, here’s a tip, read the first two books in order. I know that last bit sounds daft, it’s just that all the other Discworld books are self contained stories, but the second book follows on from the first, almost as if he was about to do a series about Twoflower and Rinsewind.

Chin Chin

16 08 2007

If you like Terry Pratchett you have to read (or better yet, listen to) the Wee Free Men.


P.S. I like your blog, even when you don’t talk about knitting. So there!

16 08 2007

Heh, I hate math! Do what you like, how you like it! And Ditto what Chemgrrl said! (well in her PS. hehe)

16 08 2007

I’d have to stop reading you if all you talked about was knitting? I mean how could you NOT post hilarious snake pictures like that? Ha ha!

16 08 2007

Yeah strike the ? in the first sentence there. Is there such a thing as a bad grammar/punctuation/spelling day?

16 08 2007

OK, that snake photo thingie is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. And the facial expression is perfect with it. What an actor!

17 08 2007
Penny Karma

I would pay such big money to see Morrissey. I find his melancholy angst so cathartic.

I can’t even remember the last time I blogged about knitting.

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