There Was a FISH in the PERCOLATOR!*

7 08 2007

So if you’re like me, you adore yarn.  Yarn is one of my favorite things.  Ooh, and knitting needles.  I love knitting needles oh so much.  Knitting books, magazines, all the trappings of the knitting universe.  Stitch markers, needle cases, a ball winder, knitting project bag, big giganto bags to carry WIPs, notions, magazines, patterns, a laptop, cell phone, pens, and perhaps a third grader or two.  I love all these things, and I have several of each. 

I think I’ve only finished two things this year, and that may be an exaggeration.  I can’t even remember what they were.  But that doesn’t stop me, oh no, that doesn’t stop me.  I had so many WIPs, it was shameful.  Things I’d forgotten about, things I remembered but pretended to forget about, things I just didn’t care to work on ever again.  All of these WIPs (except for the Clementine Shawlette, Icarus, and my two potential wedding stoles) had a trip through the ball winder and are now properly caked.  I’d like to be properly caked, and you can bet I’m going to write the happiest post ever when Jim and I do our wedding cake test drives.  Right. So WIPs are now caked.


Only three or so of those cakes were WIPs.  The rest of it, well, I just felt like making yarn cakes.

I mentioned in the comments to my last post that today I’d whip up a comparison of Tilli Tomas’s Voile de la Mer and Handmaiden’s Sea Silk.  Here they are side by side.  That’s a 50g skein of Voile de la Mer and a 100 skein of Sea Silk.


The Voile de la Mer is 60% silk and 40% sea cell.  It does not like to be touched.  For a knitter like me, that poses something of a problem because I frequently have to go back and fix errors.  This sometimes required the undoing of several rows.  No, I didn’t knit up a swatch and wash it, I don’t really know how to wash silk (yet) and I didn’t want to use any of this yarn on a swatch.  Four skeins set me back $80ish.  The sheen is very subtle, but that could be because I’ve touched it so much.  Yes, I do wash my hands before knitting with this, and it’s kept inside a plastic bag inside a project bag.  And I never put on lotion when I’m about to knit.  It’s also full of silk slubs.  I’m forever picking them out, and I worry that at some point, if I ever do finish this Icarus, it will fall apart because I de-slubbed so much.  That’s a slight exaggeration.  It is beautiful, though, it does have a lovely, subtle sheen.  I am very pleased that I chose this yarn for my Icarus.  I’ll be happy when it’s done!


The Sea Silk is as lovely as everyone has said.  It’s 70% silk and 30% sea cell.  There was a very interesting discussion I read somewhere about what exactly sea cell is.  I know it involved sea weed.  This yarn is absolutely lovely.  It’s very soft, very smooth, and despite its higher silk content is nowhere near as slubby as the Tilli Tomas. I can’t really comment on its drape, though, because I’m not that far into either project I’m knitting with it.  One is a Sea and Shells Stole, the other is a Japanese Feather Stole.  One of them will be my wedding wrap.  I just need to get farther into them both before I decide which one I’ll complete.  When I wound the Sea Silk into a cake the first foot or so threatened to come unspun.  This was a section that I’d cast on with, so that might have something to do with it.  Take this all with a grain of salt, I never claim to know what I’m doing.  It does take frogging very well, and doesn’t mind being handled.  Even the paler color handles better than the darker Voile de la Mer.  So far the Sea Silk has lost none of its sheen, and is as soft as the day I tore it loose from the package in which it arrived. 


There we are then!  I’m pleased to move on to happier topics, and who doesn’t love talking about yarn?  I should probably go knit now, huh?


*one billion million dollars to whoever can tell me where I got that.




17 responses

7 08 2007

Got what? The Fish or the Percolator?

They’re both beautiful (not the fish and the… oh heck, never mind). Can’t wait to see how they work out!

7 08 2007

A long dull article in “USA Today”.
Now hand it over.

Oh, and all that wool, very colourful.

7 08 2007

Do you have any pics of the machine or gizmo that wound the wool so neatly?
Is it about 80 yards long, powered by a water wheel or steam powered belt system and have young children scurrying around at the back of all it’s moving parts cleaning away the fluff it generates?

7 08 2007

ooooohhh pretty.

That’s about all I can muster after the day I had at work. A lot of that yarn looks shiny. I need more shiny yarn…

7 08 2007

Twin Peaks? According to the Internet, that’s where it’s from. And if it’s on the Internet, it must be true.

7 08 2007
Sarah the DomesticOverlord

I started reading your post but then the glorious, green Sea Silk made me so jealous I just skipped to the end to blow virtual raspberries at you. :PPPPPP

7 08 2007
P del F (Fireball)

I heart you.

7 08 2007

Weezie! You win! Please send me your address and I’ll mail you a check. You have to promise to never cash it, though.
However, since you CHEATED and came up with the answer through the use of Google Fu, you only win 58 cents.

7 08 2007

sea silk makes happy.

*looks at yarn and goes to the Happy Place*

8 08 2007

You realize you might be addicted to seaweed right? 😉

8 08 2007

Whoo hoo, I’m a billion millionaire!

Hey, wait, I’m only a 58 cent ho? Hmmmm, I don’t see a disclaimer anywhere in that post that says I can’t use the Internet. Hand over my moolah!

11 08 2007

Someday I’LL get to have some sea silk too. Sigh.

11 08 2007

May I join in the yarn jealousy? All that stuff is so gorgeous, I think you were right to frog some of your WIPs. Yarn that gorgeous should be a joy to knit, every single stitch of it. Given the price tag of Sea Silk and the Tilli Thomas, it better be!

13 08 2007
Ms. L

Oh, Voile de la Mer. It is slightly finicky, and slightly finer than Sea Silk. Maybe it’s finicky right now because it’s such a new yarn for Tilli Tomas? This is their first lace, right?

However, I do love the 50 g size, if only because shawls so frequently call for 150 of lace weight.

Of course, now that I’m finished with my Voile de la Mer shawl and Sea Silk scarf… I have 150 g skein of Sea Silk for a Tuscany shawl.

13 08 2007

It’s OK to love the trappings of a craft, the very art of the objects, more than you love the craft or participate in the craft itself.
This is not to say that you aren’t knitting, just that like me, you accumulate more ‘objet d’art’ than you have actual time to work on.

Gee your ‘wools’ sure are purty!

15 08 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Mmmmmm yarncake.

Only better than the original kind in that it doesn’t contribute to the width of one’s tookus. 😛

27 08 2007

will you knit me a tucking belt? lol. so soft…

HM probably turned into Burger Bett’s because a lot of them basically wanted outta the chain and their rules.

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