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20 07 2007

All right, people.  Here’s where I call on all lurkers, you silent readers, to come out of the woodwork and help me out!  Hellllllp meeeee!

Below are four pictures, each with a different swatch of fabric posing with the same skein of Sea Silk.  One of those colors will become my wedding dress!  Weehoo!  I’m telling you, go to if you need a dress for any old reason.  Simple styles, but very beautiful and they will send you fabric swatches that you can later pose with yarn for the purpose of asking total strangers help your indecisive ass choose a fabric.

(Before I go any further, I need to share this right quick.  I’m sure some of you know how I feel about the Valley’s police department.  Quick recap- my feelings towards them are not so good.  Today I was driving home from spending the day with my Grandmother and I noticed a cop car in my rear view mirror, and he was glancing up and down at my car and making jabbing motions, much like I do at my keyboard.  Further down the road I switched lanes to make a turn I needed to make, and then stopped at a stop light.  Because I’m a good, red-light-stopping citizen.  The cop rolled on up next to me and I happened to glance over at him.  He was shaking his finger at me in a “SHAME SHAME!” motion, followed by a “roll down your window” motion.  So I did, and he said “Your tags are four months expired!”  Crap, that’s right.  So I said I’d go home and take care of it online.  He said “You’d better have it done by Monday, (my name), or I’ll come and find you!”

Hold up there, you PSYCHO FREAK FROM HELL!  Don’t you threaten me like that, you asswipe!  Way to freak me out.  A few years ago I was pulled over by TWO cops for crossing the Gore Point on the highway.  If you don’t know what the Gore Point is, it’s that white triangle thing that forms between the highway and the off-ramp, and I accidentally crossed it.  TWO COPS?  I ask you, was that necessary?  No.  I was freaked out crying, the kids were freaked out crying,  and the asshole cop had the nerve to ask me if I were married.  Um, what possible business of his could that possibly have been?  None.  And then this other asshole today says he’ll come and find me?  Not cool.  When did I move into f*ing Russia with the KGB on my ass?  Fuckers.  Pardon me, please.  It’s not like me to swear so much on my blog, especially when what I really need is help picking fabric for my WEDDING DRESS.  And I need a wedding dress because I am getting MARRIED!  To my one true love, the man with whom I will grow older and saggier.


Option #1:  Color 104


Option #2: Color T3


Option #3: Color 523


Option #4: Color S475


All fabric swatches are silk shantung, and I am SO in love with it!  I’m knitting a wedding shawl out of the yarn on which it’s resting because I don’t have the balls to let my tattoos show during my wedding ceremony, and who wouldn’t want a Sea Silk lace shawl and furthermore, when else can you justify spending THAT much money on yarn?  (At least, in my life.)

Ok!  What’s your vote?




32 responses

20 07 2007

I like 523.

20 07 2007

I came here thinking I would read 10 entries! 😉

I can’t tell a lick of difference between any of those colors! They all look good!

I got pulled over by two cops too for going 200 feet the wrong direction down a road at 1:00 a.m. on a Monday morning. F*ckers.

20 07 2007

523 matches best.
104 is a good light/dark contrast

21 07 2007

I knitted a wedding stole to cover my tats as well…but after a few wines at the reception it was all arms on show! I tend to like colour T3. My wedding dress was made by a fashion designer friend who took care of all the hard stuff like finding fabric to match my knitted swatch – she chose something that wasn’t exactly matchy-matchy, which helped both the dress and the stole offset one another, rather than blend in too well together. That’s my 2c worth. And shame on those cops. I think you should complain about the statement he made about coming to find you!

21 07 2007

Hands down the first one – #104. The two colors complement each other perfectly – not too matchy-matchy, not to contrasty, they stand beautifully on their own without detracting from each other. Sorta like a husband and wife! 😉

21 07 2007
Ed's next door neighbour

My six pennorth – 104, firstly for the contrast, but secondly, for being more traditional, particularly given the handmade shawl.

21 07 2007

I LOVE that you’re matching dress to yarn rather than yarn to dress. WAY TO GO! Also, I like 104 and 523.

21 07 2007

I like the top one. I don’t know your skin tone. That’s an important factor. Me being ridiculously pale (I’m allergic to the sun, raw chicken has more color than I do) the top most one looks most like my own wedding dress. If I had a little more color I’d go with the matchy-matchy one like the first comment pointed out.

21 07 2007

my vote is for 523 but if you wanted to go for more of an ivory look then definitely 104 as well. i like the little bit of contrast and i think the shawl will be nicely offset against the slightly warmer, darker color of the dress fabric.

21 07 2007

It seems to be a consensus, but if you want them to match, #523 looks really perfect with the Sea Silk; the first one, however, is a beautiful warm ivory and looks great with the yarn. If you want a more traditional wedding dress color and for the shawl to pop, that is a great combo.

21 07 2007

Ugh, bad cops! Rat bastards!

I like the first one, #104, and the last one, #475. Very pretty, all of them, though. Yay for weddings!

21 07 2007

523 gets my vote. 104 is too pale. T4 is too yellow/gold. S475 is too dark. Now, I’m only voting (delurking) ’cause you asked nicely, and because DD’s wedding is in 2 weeks so I’ve got wedding dresses on my mind. DD’s dress is a pale champagne color that looks great with her red hair and fair skin; the bridesmaids are in copper. Regardless of the votes, pick the color that looks best on you!

21 07 2007

523. Definitely. They’re all beautiful, and they’ll all do well, but 523 is the match I like the best.

Now, having said that, remember that I’m as full of sh*t as anybody else and pick the one that tugs your heart.

21 07 2007

I like 104 personally, but I do agree you need to take your skin tone into account. Have a great day!

22 07 2007
Fluffy Ewe

Now see I like T3 better becasue I’d look like freaking Casper the ghost in 104. 523 is very pretty too. Maybe you should include a pic of yourself with the swatches near your face and hair. Haor, face, swatch yarn montage!!! Lol

22 07 2007

Dahling yesssssssss (did someone release a snake in the room?), it just has to be 104, the others are far to dark!!! Its a wedding afterall. And my dear, T3 what were you thinking? Great for a Disney princesssssssss (theres that damned snake again) locked in a tower, but not a wedding! Oh my God, whats happening to me? The combination of neurosurgery and silk fabric samples has activated a hitherto sub-conscious gay component of my personality. I’m going to sue, ahhhhhh!

22 07 2007

I vote for the top one as well!

23 07 2007

I have all the taste and discretion of a deranged magpie, so am unable to comment on the wool and fabric, sorry no help here.

On the subject of coppers tho’, here’s what I think.
Since 9/11 you no longer have to move to the USSR to be treated like a Tw*t. No, your own government (after passing a few wooly {gedit} bills) can now treat you all like Alkieda scumbags. So you, having forgotten to pay your road tax are in the eyes of the law (and remember the law is blind) supporting terrorism. In other words if you don’t spend the money on a driving tax then you must be donating the funds to Alkieda, QED.
Shame on you.

TTFN and remember, don’t have nightmares.

23 07 2007
chris (buttercup)


I love the way 523 looks with the yarn, but agree that if you want to go for a more traditional look to the dress then 104.

What is it with cops lately. It seems that this spring/summer they’ve got really annoying. They’re all over, hiding in new sneaky places and that pisses me off because everyone slams on the breaks and then we have a traffic jam. Jerks!


23 07 2007

Hmm. Are you looking for the match, or what looks best? Like others said above, it does depend greatly on your skin tone. That being said, I think I like either the second or the fourth best. I think they both have a nice contrast with the yarn, and would look good on most people. Plus the last one looks kinda sparkly! Bling it up, baby!

24 07 2007

They all pretty much look the same. It is not what you wear but who you are with that matters most.

Close your eyes, mix them up and pick one. Now get on to worrying about more important things,like what to have at the reception.:)


24 07 2007

I like 104 – ’cause its Pretty.

24 07 2007
the kitchener bitch

It all depends on your skin and hair tone (which I don’t know well enough to recall for this purpose.) I would hold each one up to your face with your hair down, in whatever kind of lighting you think you’ll have (natural/ indoor/ outdoor/ whatever), and pick the one that shows no hint of leaving you ruddy/sallow/blotchy/pale. Ivories are funny that way. …I’m drawn to the second picture, because I like the warmth of the gold in the ivory, but given my particular skin tone (i.e. nearly transparent with sun-induced pinkness) it would look terrible on me. It all depends on you, darling.

The important thing is that they’re all nice, and… SHANTUNG. My wedding dress was silk shantung too. I hope you love yours as much as I loved mine!

24 07 2007

I like both #1 and #4.

It’s bizarre the questions cops ask when they pull you over. I think they’re trying to be ‘friendly’ and many of them just don’t know how to be friendly and authoritative at the same time. We on the other side are seriously nervous and sometimes upset, so these questions come off as weird, non-sequitur and threatening, uttered by a ‘child’ with a gun. (a ‘child’ to me, so many cops are years/decades younger that I am)
I was once pulled over and the guy approached with his holster unsnapped and his hand on his gun. I hadn’t heard or seen him signalling me for many blocks apparently. The joke was on him as my blotter was sparkly clean. He almost pulled his weapon on a Henderson housewife.

24 07 2007

I like 523 and 104. Do you have a pattern picked out?

24 07 2007

I too would want to know what your skin tone looks like before selecting a colour (I have a yellow undertone to my skin, so the top swatch wouldn’t work for me). Any chance of you taking photos of inner forearm/yarn/swatch for our perusal?

24 07 2007

I like 523. But like everybody else has already said, your skin tone matters too 🙂

24 07 2007

Clearly your some sort of felon! What a tool that cop is!

I like th first swatch best.

24 07 2007

Okay, going with the assumption that they all compliment your coloring, I think 104 feels the most traditional, T3 has a really nice warmth to it and 523 is the closest match. I’m partial to 523, myself, but really, they are all gorgeous.

25 07 2007

Unfortunately, there are a few cops out there with poor people skills and a lack of discretion and they spoil it for the majority of us. I have also fallen foul of such law enforcement unprofessional when I was a young lad. However, I can assure you that all the cops I’ve ever worked with in the Met, here in London, have been consummate professionals even under extreme stress and faced with great adversity. Please don’t let your negative experience sully the unnoticed and unappreciated efforts and work of the other 99%, we care.

So, what fabric are you going with?

26 07 2007

I seem to be in the minority, but I really like S475. It’s a little less traditional colour-wise, and complimnets the sea-silk beautifully. What pattern are you doing?

As for the police, in the US or the UK, don’t get me started…

26 07 2007

I like the first one too. It just says wedding to me.

I once got pulled over when I had no license, although I had my license number and passport on me, no registration, because I needed 300 dollars of work done on the car to pass smog tests, even though I HAD payed my registration fees. I told the officer that I had an appt to get car fixed on the weekend, and damn if that weekend as I entered town he pulled me over.

As he walked up, I handed him the smog certificate showing that I had passed, and since it was Sunday I could hardly go to DMV. He just laughed at me and waved me on.

So not so strange that you might run into him again, but then Davis was only 40,000 people and I was driving a classic car, the only one in town, and where you live, I think has a few more peeps, and your car is probably not as distinctive as mine was…….

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