I’d Like to Help, But No.

19 07 2007

I don’t even have time to write this.  I’m sorry.  This class is kicking my behind! I haven’t knit a single stitch in a week.  I’m rather stressed out, too, so.  You know.  If I didn’t have to go to class in a few hours I’d totally bust out the pina colada mix and that rum over there.  NOT ADVOCATING ALCOHOL as stress release.  Just saying I’d really like a boozey, frothy drink right now. 


But look!  Pretty yarn!  I’m waiting for my ball winder, though, because I want to have beautiful yarn cakes like those other knitters have.  I’m all about keeping up.  Unless it’s with my school work.  And knitting itself.  Oh yeah, housekeeping, too.  I’m sure there’s other stuff as well but by now you’re sensing the theme that things are all sort of falling away from my lazy half-assed grasp.




4 responses

19 07 2007

Holy poop that stuff looks nice!!!

19 07 2007

Pina colada … mix? I make some kick-ass pina coladas — 1 can pineapple (in juice, not in syrup), 1 can cream of coconut (coco lopez if you can get it), ice, and rum to taste. Better than a mix. Better taste.

20 07 2007

Ball winder?! Sounds painful.

Now do your school work, there’ll be time enough for knitting later.

“to Hell with housework!”

20 07 2007

That’s beautiful yarn. I know all about being too stressed to knit, it’ll pass when you get a chance to relax.

Pina coladas. Oooh, I want one.

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