Yarn Pr0n Friday!

13 07 2007

Thank you so very much to everyone for your sweet notes!  This was probably my favorite birthday ever, even more so than the year my dearest friend Bubba Val took me to see Peter Gabriel in concert.  Today is ring shopping day! Yippeee!  I’m not materialistic (I swear I’m not, even though this post is about rings and quite expensive yarn….) but I do like pretty things.  Perhaps I need to look up materialistic in the dictionary.  That might make me change my tune.  Well, pish posh.  Yesterday, to finish up my Birthday Spending Extravaganza.  I bought one skein of Tilli Tomsa Disco Lights, and here it is:


It is hard to photograph red. And it’s hard to take pictures here anyway, or maybe I’m just not yet a skilled photographer.  Maybe it’s the camera.  Maybe my materialistic old self should go to Costco to but a new fancy camera.  Oh well.  I’m making just a simple drop-stitch scarfola.  Or maybe I’ll frog this and do something more ornate.  Any suggestions?  I’m wide open.  I really only wanted to cast on to see what it was like to knit with 100% silk.  This yarns smells lovely, too, or else I have a brain tumor because every once in a while I’ll smell cigarettes, wet dog, and hung over man.  Rum and coke hung over man, to be precise.  Anyway, it smells quite nice!  225 yards.  What would YOU do with this?

I also picked up two skeins of 2nd Time Cotton, but they’re brownish and boring.  I’m making a market bag with it one of these days.  A set of 5 straights and a chibi, and I’m all done!  The yarn insane shopping spree started with three skeins of Sea Silk in the Ivory color, and here she is:


I guess by Ivory they mean “colors that will look lovely with ivory” because dang it this stuff is almost every color of beige.  I’m going to knit another lace shawl with it once I’m done with Icarus, which I will start knitting again with renewed vigor once Le Tour is over and I’ve finished Clementine.  I’m almost done with Chart B and am nearly about to start the repeats, so dear sweet Tour Official, I’m back in the saddle!!  I love knitting this shawl, I’ve said it before.  I hope the pattern shows up well with the dark yarn I’m using.  On the other hand, maybe that will cause people to peer at it closely, and then exclaim with great surprise “Why, this is a lovely, lovely shawl!  Where did you buy it?”  To which I will reply in perhaps a smug tone, “Madam, I knit this.”  One of my favorite classmates (favorite because he is just SO darn nerdy and I LOVE NERDS) told me I could go to the store and buy socks, so why in the world was I knitting some?  I smiled my “I’m a knitter” smile and said “Because I can!”

And now it’s shower time.  Not to be confused with Hammer Time.  I share this because it’s 10:30am and I’m still in my pajamas!  No class on Friday nights, the minions are on their two weeks of vacation with their father and I’m trying not to miss them so much that I convulse. 




5 responses

13 07 2007

engaged and a birthday . . man is your whole world looking great! Congratulations! You sound like you love life and live it well. Yahoo!

13 07 2007

10:30 and still in your pj’s, sloth.
So you like nerds do you. Does that mean Jim’s a nerd too? 😀

13 07 2007

Congratulations on your engagement.

14 07 2007

That red yarn makes me drool, in a good way.

Congratulations on the engagement. It’s such a fun time!

14 07 2007

Hot damn, that silk looks good enough to roll around nekkid in!

Ring shopping, squee! I’m a big fan of vintage myself. Show show show!

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