Come Live With Me and Be My Love

12 07 2007

Tuesday morning I practically set the house on fire searching for power cords to my old computer which still had a copy of my undergrad work on it, and I so desperately needed the name of a short story I need for my lesson plan project next week.  Why not just recycle lesson plans from other classes?  Because I don’t WANT to!  I want to use this short story, because it’s either really creepy or it’s an uplifting tale of people taking care of one another in a time of crisis.  Theresa votes creepy.  Anyway, I was searching high and low, tearing apart the house and the storage shed looking for the fricka frackin’ power cords.  No knitting Tuesday morning during the stage, woe is me!  The organizers of the Tour de France KAL should revoke my green jersey, because I didn’t knit on my Clementine at all yesterday, either! 

Yesterday was my birthday, wahoo, and the kids and I went to see the Harry Potter movie at 9:30am.  I was quite distracted by how HOT Daniel Radcliffe has become.  We had a great time at the movie, say what you will about it.  We came home to cake and ice cream, which gave me an incredible stomach ache as we’d had Cherry Cokes, Raisinettes, popcorn, and Cinnabon pretzels during the movie.  Jimmy and the kids gave me some lovely cards, a blue foam floatie for the pool, and then my most favorite part of yesterday- Jim asked me to marry him!  WAHOOOO WE’RE ENGAGED!!! 

I do promise to knit some today.  I have to, because I love the shawl, I love the pattern, and by gum it’s time to get moving! 

Nous seront marié!  19em Avril 2008! 




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12 07 2007

Whoa! A birthday, then a proposal? Holy crap, congrats!

12 07 2007

Congratulaitons!! My husband is also named Jim. As is my son. We ususally call my son Jimmy, but his friends call him James and my husband calls him Jimbo. I was curious about the origin of your name. Oh and the 19th is a good day for a wedding. I was married on the 19 (of August, 1972) and am still happily married to my Jim.

12 07 2007

I got one of them birthday proposals. Here we are, what feels like a billion years later.


12 07 2007

How exciting!!!

My hubby and I got married in Tahoe. Highly recommend it. It’s inexpensive (even as a destination wedding, we lived in Tucson at the time) and GORGEOUS!

What a great birthday!

12 07 2007

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And happy birthday too! What a happy day!

I’m with you on the whole “Harry Potter is hot and I find it distracting” thing. And I vote creepy and sad on the short story. I cried at the end of it. I do love Roald Dahl so much. Maybe that’s why I’m a HP fan…I always felt HP was inspired by Matilda, Charlie, and James.

I have to use my old computer for some class reunion stuff and I couldn’t find my power cords either. Did the whole tear the house apart thing too and still wound up buying new ones. I wonder where old power cords go? Are they with loose socks?

12 07 2007

Yeah, Daniel Radcliffe has somehow gone from achingly adorable little boy to rather hot jailbait. It’s kind of frightening…

And CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re getting married! YAAAAAAY!

12 07 2007

Any significance to the date you selected?

13 07 2007
Race Official

I am so pleased to hear the news. Congratulations, that’s wonderful.

13 07 2007

Congratulations from another green jersey TDF KALer!

13 07 2007

Congratulations! And happy belated birthday!

13 07 2007
Auntly H

Congratulations! Best wishes for a blissful marriage.

13 07 2007

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you. That is a pretty satisfying and generally fabulous birthday!

13 07 2007

Congratulations on the engagement.
And as far as Daniel Radcliffe is concerned, your all perverts 😉

13 07 2007

Congratulations on your engagement!
I totally agree with you about Daniel Radcliffe. Best of luck on your TDF knitting.

14 07 2007

yay! congrats! this is so exciting! woo hoo!

15 07 2007

Congratulations!!! That is fabulous! I also just had to comment because I love the poem that you reference in your post title!

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