Tour de France Eve!

6 07 2007

Every once in a while I become convinced I should try something NEW.  A few years ago, as my beloved pelota del fuego can attest, I was ON FIRE about geocaching.  I was going to buy the handset, join a caching team, and travel across the country stashing caches and hopefully someday find a geobug.  Well, on our very first test hike I wiped out and cut open my knees.  Still have the scars, too, which is great because guys dig chicks with scars.  Um.  Right, so there was geocaching.  Never got off the ground.  Oh, AWESOME pun!

A month or so ago I became obsessed with quilting, and decided that my Euro Shark teeny weenie Target special sewing machine was going to see me through to beautiful, funky, awesome quilts.  Theresa suffered an afternoon of feverish links to various fabric bundles available online at finer Valley fabric stores.  I have yet to buy any fabric.  I think the careful, precise cutting and measuring scares me.  We may never know. 

And now I see crocheted granny squares in the various blogs I read and in WordPress’s tag surfer even though I will swear on a stack of Phoenix North Valley Yellow Pages that I don’t have “crochet” as a tag.  I tried to crochet during the week Nolan was in the hospital leaking spinal fluid from his ear.  What I ended up with was noting more than pink and purple fun fur shapes that resembled either dead, curled up caterpillars or capital Cs.  Let us take a moment to reflect- what was the problem there?  The fun fur?  Or the resemblance to dead bugs?  We may never know, and I never again tried to crochet.  This was one habit I never even pretended to want to adopt.  No offense.  It’s not me, crochet, it’s you.

I bring up these love affairs that never got off the ground to cast a shining beam of light upon the one hobby that DID take off, not that you’d know it form my blog lately.  (And seriously, Portland, I meant no offense and I would love to be part of you.)  Tomorrow is the start of Le Tour de France!  Weehoooooo!!!  This means I will start knitting my Clementine Shawlette!  Weehooo…..uh. (You know that Geico commercial with Little Richard?  That’s what that last weeehoooo was supposed to sound like.  Mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce!  Weeehooooo….uh.”)  I so desperately wanted to knit it in one piece, but I lack the knowledge to tweak the pattern and so will do what my mother has always advised, and that is to read the directions.  It will be lovely.  How could anything knit with dark-chocolate alpaca NOT be lovely?  Perhaps I ought not to have asked. 

Jim is recovering nicely from his surgery.  Poor kid.  He’s all sorts of stoned on Demarol, Vicodin, and the leftovers of the anesthesia.  Unlike Al Gore’s son, though, those are in his system legally.  Speaking of good ideas gone awry, this Live Earth thing.  I’m all for reducing my energy consumption, recycling, and polluting as little as possible, but I ask you: what sense does it make to fly dozens of rock stars, their stylists, their back-up singers, blah blah blah, and all of their crap all over the PLANET while touting the virtues of reducing our energy consumption?  Guess it’s a matter of “Do as I sing, not as I do.”  Oh well.  I hate to be such a grump lately.  What is this world coming to?

Vive le Tour!  Knitting Forever!  Have you hugged an alpaca today?






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6 07 2007

Oh I feel ya on the obsession du jour. Mine was becoming a backcountry hiker. Have the $$$ of gear to prove it, and one whole backpacking trip to show for it.

Good luck on the shawl!

7 07 2007

Have fun! Do you get to wear a yellow fun fur sweater every day you’re in the lead? 😉

I’m with you on the Live Earth. Will whathisdoodle from the Black Eyed Peas wrote a song for it that included a lyric that mentioned a mosquito biting an Eskimo–like that is a bad thing caused by global warm. Dude, do your research before you go using a native peoples name in vain. Mosquitos are the lifeblood of the tundra! Without them, then there would be no reason for the migratory birds to fly north in the summer.

But I’m not bitter.

7 07 2007

I know what you mean about hobbies that never got off the ground. For me, it involved collecting stamps, painting, gardening (then I discovered I had the black thumb and kill any plant life just by getting within 100 feet of it). But knitting is different. As is cooking, ’cause a girl’s gotta eat, and I really like good food.
Crochet and I are still trying to work out our differences.

Enjoy the knitting!

7 07 2007

The day that we all listen to air head pop/rock stars about anything is the day they all need shooting. Singers only become singers because they’re too stupid to do anything else, musicians are different, they are intelligent (except drummers) as they can play an instrument, that’s something that takes dedication, commitment and a fully functioning brain. So Sting and bonehead, sorry I meant Bono can pucker up!

Just do your bit, I’m sure the planet will be greatfull.

7 07 2007

One of Canada’s National newspapers published an interview with a British band in which the lead singer basically said “What the heck do you want our opinion on environmental issues for? We are MUSICIANS! And we use enough energy to power 10 houses for our lighting!”


8 07 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Vive le tour! Ahhh yes, the Geocaching Blaze o’ Glory that was most of 2005. 🙂 I do indeed remember, very fondly. And I remember the spinal fluid leaking incident too, verily and utterly not fondly.

I’m casting on a new project too — tomorrow, I think. Something that will keep me consumed such that I forget just how old I’ll be on the 19th.


Yay for Jimmy healing!

9 07 2007
Mary Beth

hello! Fellow TDFKAL-er here. I noticed you’re one of the few other bloggers on the list with a wordpress blog (as opposed to blogspot, which just about everyone else seems to use) and I was wondering how you got the photo-links to appear in your sidebar–I can’t seem to figure it out on mine! Thanks!

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