I Cannot Contain my Excitement!

28 06 2007

When JungleJim and I began dating he went on and on and on about his love for cycling, the small regional races he’d ridden, and the great routes he’d found here in the desert. He said something along the lines of I wouldn’t see him at all during the month of July, which pleased me greatly because we began dating in December, and this meant he thought we’d still be together. On the other hand, punk! I’d never watched Le Tour de France before, only knew that Lance Armstrong had won a billion times, and could not for the life of me understand why anyone would want to watch a bunch of men riding bicycles. So months passed, JungleJim and I continued seeing one another and at some point fell in L-O-V-E. And then July rolled around, and I teased him about what he’d said way back in December, that I wouldn’t see him in July. This was the day before the race, and his expressionless gaze told me that I either had to get on board and become a fanatic, or sit silently beside him and not scoff the race, or really not see him. So I got on board and became a fanatic, and for that I thank my darling JungleJim.

I have an autographed picture of Dave Zabriskie that a sweet, sweet girl named Carrie got for me while DZ was making an appearance at a bookstore in Colorado. I might have kissed it. More than once.

My kids and I will sing snippets of songs from “The Triplets of Bellville” to each other every now and then.

I begin the countdown to Le Tour in May.

I’m still learning a lot about the teams and different stages of the race, of course. Sort of like knitting! Still learning a lot about knitting, but my devotion runs deep. And while that may seem like a pretty random segue (although probably not, given my propensity to babble), it isn’t.

I’ve joined Le Tour de France KAL and I’m SO excited! I’ve had about 900yds of gorgeous, dark chocolate brown alpaca yarn in my stash for quite some time. For this KAL, I’m going to knit a Clementine Shawlette. I figure the –ette makes it somewhat French, and therefore appropriate for this KAL. Check out that super cool button there on the sidebar! Seriously, people, it took me an HOUR pre-coffee to do that thing. I’m no button master, and I’m embarrassed by my lack of skillz. But there it is!

NINE DAYS, people! NINE DAYS! I am so excited!

Vive le Tour! Vive la Clementine Shawlette, or, to be plus francaise, Viva la shawlette Clementine!




5 responses

28 06 2007

I thought I was already really excited about the Tour but, sheesh! you have just gotten me Even More Excited with this tres romantique love story !!!
There’s something about clementines that I think of as French. I’m not sure why. But either way, you’ve chosen a fantastic project and I can’t wait to see the shawlette make its debut!

29 06 2007

You crack me up! I’m interested to see your clementine shawlette. I’ve heard people grumbling about the grafting of the two halves of it together not working out very stellar-ly.

29 06 2007

Do you and Jim have a tandem?
And what’s the green shirt supposed to do?

30 06 2007

No, Ed, we don’t have a tandem. Silly. I don’t ride, and for some reason he doesn’t anymore, either. The Maillot Vert was supposed to take you to the Tour de France Knit-Along, but I’m a dunce and mistyped the web address into the widget. Try again! Encore, un fois.

4 07 2007

My husband is really into racing and riding, and thankfully it’s an interest I can get behind (unlike his golf phase). So we are really excited too about the Tour and I’m amazed that so many others are — can’t wait to see your shawlette! It will be perfect for watching any bike races, TV or live. 🙂

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