What to do when MS Paint is missing and your computer overheats:

20 06 2007

A few weeks ago I must have done something to my computer, something that ATE the MS Paint application. That was a crying shame, because it is with MS Paint that I was able to make this delightful picture for my Super Hero Alter Ego, Domestic Overlord:

That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? MS Paint, babies, MS Paint. And the POWER of my IMAGINATION! Imagine, then, if you will, my utter despair when I discovered that somehow my laptop had EATEN MS Paint. Eaten as in it was gone, nowhere to be found, and no matter how much mad Googling I did, no matter how thoroughly I scoured Microsoft’s (not even an ounce of) Help forums, I couldn’t figure out how to get my beloved MS Paint back. Last night in class I sat next to a delightful man who knows oh so much about computers. There was my opportunity! I seized it. In a manner far more succinct than this post, I said to him “Mike, my computer ate my MS Paint. How do I get it back?”

“It ate MS Paint?”

“Yes, MS Paint is gone from my computer. How do I get it back?”

And here are the instructions he gave me, just in case YOUR computer ate MS Paint, too!

Go to your Control Panel.

Go to Add/Remove Programs.

Now, on the left side of the window that pops up, you will see an option to Add or Remove Windows Components. Click on that.

Here’s the important part: A list of options will appear, and it is important that you ONLY check the one you want. In this case, you want to check ONLY the Games and Accessories box. So do that and then click Next. This will re-install the missing programs. In my case, it re-installed the calculator, all of the games, and yes, my beloved MS Paint. I don’t know how these programs ended up missing, but I’m glad they’re back.

Another problem I had with my computer was that it was forever overheating, and one morning the dang thing just refused to get going. It would turn on, whir up, stir a mighty breeze of hot air with its fan, and then *plook*, turn itself off. I was desperately frightened and quick like a bunny called Customer (lack of) Support. I did not get my hopes up, because this was the same outfit which told me that my Bluetooth wireless connection wasn’t working because I didn’t have the wire for it. Would that I had made that up, people. (I’m not sure what that means. Well, I know it means “I wish I were making that up”, but how did it end up meaning that? I needs me an OED.) Anyway, I gave up on Customer (lack of) Service and did what I should have done originally, which is Google it. Here’s what I learned to do if your computer is overheating and shutting itself down:

Clean out the heat-sink! On the underside of your computer you’ll find the vent for your fan. This thing gets clogged with a LOT of dust, which as we all know is primarily dead skin cells and miniature Abe Lincoln hats. If you have pets or children, replace “dead skin cells” with “cat hair” and “dead bugs and candy wrappers” in the previous sentence. This needs to be cleaned out! Remove the panel that covers the fan. Very carefully wiggle the heat-sink out of its cubbyhole. This may be, this will hopefully be, attached with a screw or two, and in that case go ahead and take them out, or you may as well give up. Don’t be a wuss, now. Just do as I say. Ok, so you’ve unscrewed your heat-sink and sweet-talked it out of your computer. Here’s what mine looked like, and you’ll have to forgive the blurry quality of the picture. I was a bit nervous about invading my computer’s orifices.

If you have one of those fancy office utensil, air in a can, things go ahead and give everything a fierce honk or two. Perhaps more if you have lots of pets. Give the fan a blast, too, just because. Ok! Now you’ve cleaned al of the crap off of the bits, it’s time to put the heat-sink back in. So put it back in, and make sure you replace the screw. Now your computer will start! And the fan won’t be blowing hot air all the time!

Next week: I will endeavor to cease using the words “And”, “So”, “Also”, “OK”, “Well” and “Now” at the start of nearly each sentence.

PS- Last night I knit two rows on my Icarus. Also, Ravelry has a search thing that goes in your Firefox toolbar searchy thing! Seriously. I’m going to be an English teacher.





7 responses

20 06 2007

Wow – the more you know…. 😉

21 06 2007

Yeah our heat fan computer thingy is a cat hair magnet. I’ve actually spent money to have someone fix it it became so entangled in cat hair.

21 06 2007

Whoa. That’s… weird.

21 06 2007

I thought yours was a knitting related blog.
And the overheating laptop thing happened to one of my laptops to such a degree that the hard drive got fried in a very short space of time, when I had a rummage with the insides I peeled a felt like strip off the heat sink.
Next time my computer goes tits up I’ll be sure to give you a shout first.

21 06 2007

I know, but I can still be helpful, right?

Tits up! Where did you find a computer with boobies?

23 06 2007
the kitchener bitch

Oh, I wish I knew how to do that on a laptop! i fear cracking the case open.

I love the non-knit content! rock on my dearest!

And besides, in my house we make so many of those felt-like strips that you could probably knit with them if you wanted to.

21 07 2008

OMW Thank you, Mine was missing plus the games plus the calculator,
YEA They are all back, thanks a bunch 🙂

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