I Think He Said I’m #69

18 06 2007

I promise, I still knit.

Just not a lot. And mostly on the same two objects- Icarus and the baby kimono. I’ve started numerous projects and either ripped them out or shoved them (with gentleness!) into a box for moving purposes. I still love our new house, despite the fact that I’ve already broken the doors to the laundry closet, and the pool pump and filter have both quit and consequently our pool is … not as sparkling clean as I’d like.

School keeps me busy. I guess by making you take REALLY SUCKY ASS CLASSES during SUMMER, They are testing my resolve to see if I really want to become a teacher. I do, can’t they just believe me? Oh well.

So because I have so much to do for school, and because I’m still unpacking, and because I foresee a big old thing in my immediate future, I’ll leave you with this:

If you’re tired of every single song you have in your iPod or Zune or Zen Creative whateverthehell, try this band Phoenix on for a little while. You won’t be sorry! Look, people, it’s not often that I recommend things to you, so when I do, trust me that it’s good. Especially when it comes to music. When at last I admit to myself that I can’t knit for crap and I should hang up my needles, I’ll turn this into an All Music All the Time blog and THEN we’ll see what’s what.

PS- Also, go read Zombie Fights Shark! It’s in my blogroll over there. Waffle House? How can you NOT love a blog that simply leaves you with a picture of the Waffle House menu? I found this guy several months ago and forgot about him, which is AWFUL of me! Anyway, that’s THREE things now:
Phoenix, Zombie Fights Shark!, and Waffle House.

I smooch you.

Oh, and PS again- Dear Ravelry- When my children aren’t fed, and no one has clean laundry, I’m sending my family to you because it will be YOUR FAULT!  Which is to say, I have a total crush on you.




2 responses

19 06 2007

Yay, she is still around!

Good luck with classes. School and moving combined is such a PITA, you’re doing great if you find any time to knit.

Will check out the band. Just because you said so. Don’t be gettin’ any ideas about making us do other stuff, though! Laundry and pool cleaning are right out.

19 06 2007

Do you have Waffle House down there? If so, could you go in and ask them why they don’t take New England by storm? Please? After you finish your hash browns is fine. I’ll wait.

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