Yo Queiro Comprar Mocos

12 06 2007

Well, good morning! I hope this Tuesday morning finds you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Actually, you’re on your own with that bushy-tailed business. I’m not sure what that means and the way my mind works, I think I’m better off not knowing.

So! This weekend loverman and I headed down south to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Or, as we gringos call it, Rocky Point. We stayed in the same resort condo thing, although there were a few noticeable differences between this condo and the last. Far be it for me to criticize anyone’s interior decorating decisions. My walls are mostly bare, and not just because we’re still unpacking from the move. However, and I say this with complete authority, a severed pelican head is never an acceptable element of interior design. Never.

You see? And you thought I was joking! I’m sure the net started out as a simple accessory, and that over time guests added random bits of sea crap to it. But someone actually TOUCHED that rotting bird skull, and my Spidey sense tells me that they didn’t use gloves, or, at the very least, plastic grocery sacks. The fun does not stop there, though! Oh no, it does not stop there.

Perhaps you thought I was just being squeamish about the rotting bird head, and perhaps I was. I invite you now to check out the mural that adorned one of the interior walls.

Yes, they did that on purpose. You can tell they did that on purpose because of the end-table/light ensemble there in the corner. I almost wondered where they found that, but then I realized I didn’t want to know. Ordinarily, when we go to the beach we spend most of our time in the water or on the sand basking in the gentle sunlight. This time, we spent as much time as humanly possible outside not only to enjoy the sun and ocean, but also to avoid the hideously tacky and somewhat grotesque décor of our rental condo. JJ reminded me more than three times that yes, their condo is beyond tacky, but the owners have a condo in Rocky Point and we don’t. Towards the end, though, his eyes were decidedly down-cast because there was nothing offensive about the floor tiles.

All right. Now that’s out of my system, I shall move on. We had the best weekend! The sun was perfect, the ocean water was the perfect temperature, the beach was not at all crowded, and we found some great little restaurants and street tacos. Street tacos are not at all, not even distantly, related to road apples. There was also what I’ve taken to calling The Marriage Proposal Fake-Out. It’s really less dastardly than it sounds. It was a sweet and weird moment, but no, we are not engaged.

Since Saturday was World-Wide Knit In Public Day, I brought along the baby kimono and knit about 10 rows while basking in the sun on the beach. I was the only person who was participating in WWKIPD there on the sand, but that’s ok. I’m nothing if not a revolutionary. I won’t bore you with another picture of it, I think I’ll wait until it’s well and truly done.

Today is Pool Boy Day! Some girlfriends from class are coming over to ogle the lovely lads who come to putz around half-nekkid in my yard. I’m sure we’ll also get some work done for our Research in Secondary Education class. What a day!




8 responses

12 06 2007

Glad that you all had a great w/end and at such a great looking place too. next time you go could you find out who they get to do the interia design, I’m sure they would be a dead cert for next years Turner prize. Also, ask them for the rates to send pelican skulls to GB. Cheers.


12 06 2007

Gorgeous pics!

If you ever come visit me, I’ll make sure I take the severed pelican head down.

13 06 2007

Woah! A condo on the beach is a condo on the beach, but… Um. Yup. The outdoor scenic shots look wonderful, though – glad you had a good time!

13 06 2007

Thanks for your comment on my post!
Sounds like a lovely vacation, but the dolphins on the wall would’ve had me singing “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” the whole time!

13 06 2007

Knitting on the beach. That’s the life. I’m glad you had a great time, those shots are wonderful. I love the mural, reminds me of some Minoan stuff with dolphins.

13 06 2007

Wow. That condo is cheeseTAStic.

Thankfully, pretty pictures of the ocean have succeeded in erasing the craptastic decor from my mind!

13 06 2007

Seriously, doesn’t ANYONE want to know why my post title is “I want to buy boogers”?

14 06 2007

So why do you want to purchase nose gold?

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