Twigs and Berries

5 06 2007

Some things are quite funny to me.  Takeshi’s Castle, for example.  That stuff is DAMN funny, people, and if you don’t laugh to the point of choking on your own tears watching this, you have no sense of humor.  So is the story of Nolan putting a wad of watermelon bubblegum in his hair on purpose, but he asked me not to talk about it so I really can’t. 

But what’s NOT funny is being mean to children.  Even jokes about it aren’t funny.  How could that be funny, anyway?  There are a few things about which I am insanely sensitive.  Violence against children is one of them.  So when someone jokingly suggested that I put my son in the freezer for a few hours to get the gum out of his hair, I was quite taken aback.  Obviously it’s a joke, but how do people come up with jokes like that?  Seriously.  I recently read a little gripe someone posted about her neighbor’s kids leaving their crap in her yard.  That would piss me right off, as I am quite territorial and possessive.  I think that comes from either being a middle child or a Cancer.  Someone suggested using electric fences, a hedge of prickly roses, or even poison ivy to keep the offending child out of the person’s yard.  Ok, another joke, but seriously, what the hell is with people that they think these “jokes” are funny?  Yes, I am sensitive.  Yes, it has been said that I’m occasionally unable to take a joke.  But come on.

All right.  To lighten the mood around here, look at this TOTALLLY UNTENTIONALLY DIRTY yarn porn!  This reminds me of the time my younger sister and I were having lunch in
Madison at an Indian restaurant.  My lunch arrived in the shape of a long, thick tube.  Her lunch arrived in the form of two large, round items.  We decided to share, and I deftly sliced the tube in half and plunked it swiftly down between her lunch items.  I then gasped at the startling resemblance between what was on her lunch plate and the external apparatus of the male reproductive system.  We laughed so hard and so loud, I’m surprised we weren’t kicked out.  Shameful.  So here’s my tilli tomas Voile de la Mer posed on the pool deck. 

Here’s my Icarus so far.  I’m on the 4th repeat of chart 1.  I was a lot farther along, but I had a huge mistake that I had to fix, and that required me to unknit all the way back to the start of the 4th repeat when I was nearly to the 5th.  Dammitall.  I’m fairly confident that I’ve got enough yarn left over.  And now since I’ve said that of course I’ll run out.  This is a very boring picture, I know.  It occurred to me this morning that I can’t remember the last thing I actually finished.  Certainly not anything this year and it’s JUNE.


Finally, this is the MDK Baby Kimono that I’m making for my future-husband’s sister’s future baby girl, who will arrive sometime in October.  Speaking of future husband, I’ve been informed that he wants to tie the knot before the end of the year.  So much for my Springtime wedding!  However, until Mr. Man actually proposes, this shall al be taken with less than a grain of salt. 

All right, lovelies, until next time.  Classes started up again last night, I’m still not unpacked, and to celebrate our crazy life, JungleJim and I are going to Rocky Point again this weekend.  Be good, everyone.




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5 06 2007

Call me cruel, but I think the joke about the freezer was actually pretty funny, not mean-spirited. Part of what makes it funny is that it’s obviously not a serious suggestion. C’mon, who would actually put a child in the freezer? There’s no way he would fit! See what I mean? It’s funny. I’m not being serious.

5 06 2007

I know, I totally know it was a joke. I know it was! Because, seriously, who would do that? It’s so crazy. That’s just one of maybe two things about which I have zero sense of humor. I’m probably insane. I probably watch too much CSI!

5 06 2007

I think *I* need to put my head in the freezer after seeing the picture of your Tili there. My stars!

6 06 2007

Ahhh. Willy gags, keep it simple and you can’t go wrong can you.

6 06 2007

Hey, congrats on getting farther than I ever did on Icky!

6 06 2007

Yeah, right. Unintentionally dirty. That’s what they all say.

But your Icarus is looking good. Is it going to take those 3 skeins, or is more required? I’m asking because I showed Icarus to my mother and she liked it. But Tilli Thomas yarn is so expensive!

7 06 2007
Norm Deplume

I accidentally blogged about my vegetables last summer, and the photo of my peppers and tomatoes was quite saucy to say the least. Maybe you should post your yarn porn to the ‘dong along. ‘

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