The Chloe Posts, Part Dos

24 05 2007

Hola! How’s everyone doing? This is chloepeeps speaking, OLPPs daughter. I am writing this blog because school is OVER and I am FREE from school for quite a while. I think for 2 months, or 3. I was SO sad, I nearly started crying. But enough about my ranting about school, it’s OVER for Pete’ sake. I’m now writing about the creature thing olpp was talking about.



All questions shall be answered now.

 #1: Yes, it was quite difficult. It did only take a few hours though.

#2: His button eyes are clearish white.

#3: His name is fiesta because I pretend he is the Mexican spirit of fun and partying. Whenever Mexican music goes on, he will start dancing. Fiesta is a very good dancer. Well, that’s all folks!   






14 responses

24 05 2007

Chloe, you are too cute for words, as is Fiesta.

24 05 2007
Mary, Mary

Viva la fiesta loca! Hmmm, dh is out tonight, maybe I need an OLPP?

24 05 2007
auntie becky

chloe, fiesta is SO CUTE! you are wonderful, my sweet little neice. love you!!!!

24 05 2007

Fiesta is the cutest doll ever! Chloe, you’re very talented !!

24 05 2007
Anonymous Stranger

That is the cutest creature thing I have ever seen!!!

Yay for summer vacation and new pools! 🙂

24 05 2007

Okay, okay – it is I the Anonymous Stranger! And the Anonymous Stranger is me!


24 05 2007

Oh, and now the first message is awaiting moderation.

I am so embarrassed at my lack of skillz. My only excuse is that it’s … like …. early in the morning.

Yeah – that’s a good excuse!

25 05 2007

I dig his hair!

25 05 2007

And just so you know, Fiesta is NOT doing the pee pee dance. Or, as we call is here, el baile de pee pee.
Ok, we don’t really call it that. But maybe we’ll start!

25 05 2007

Lovely job – Fiesta is awesome! And probably really digs your new summer music and sweet new place.

25 05 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Que paso, Fiesta?! 🙂

Chlo – your creation is awesome. You should be proud, little woman! And you put some CURVES on him/her/it! I luff it.

Happy summer vacation, mishap-less moves and NEW POOL adventures!

25 05 2007
Sarah the DomesticOverlord

Chloe rules. I hope Lola Beans (my daughter) is that cool someday.

El Baile de Pee Pee is my new band.

26 05 2007

Great job on Fiesta Chloe!! Have a super summer vacation!

27 05 2007
Penny Karma

Chloe, you and your mother would both be astounded at how much you look like my Beebie in that picture!

We girls need to go on a road trip.

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