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16 05 2007

Some things in life I love unapologetically. William Shatner (yes, even in his current state) and today I am reminded of my love for George Michael. I will sing out loud to every single song on the Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 album and not even bother to dare you to make fun of me. Today I’ve fallen in love again with the song Precious Box from his last album, Patience.

I could listen to that song all day on repeat. I have some trouble singin’ along, though, because it’s all over the place range-wise. Doesn’t stop me. And perhaps I’ve grabbed the spatula and lip-synced. You’ll never know. Ok, I did. See if you can find it and give it a listen.

I’ve also fallen in love with these, but only because JungleJim suggested one in lieu of an engagement ring:



click image for link

So I did what anyone would do and counter-suggested with this:

Tiffany's Ribbon Round Diamond Engagement Ring


click image for link

Wouldn’t that look nice with a wedding dress and my Icarus? I think so.

By the way, Ed, you’re a total doll, going in search of an Icarus! You’re the coolest British boy I don’t really know But would it also look nice over a simmering pan of chicken tikka masala? Grading seventh grade language arts papers? Doing dishes? Planting my xeric garden in my new backyard? I think the answer to each is a resounding YES.

Speaking of my sweet loverman, he will be home soon and shortly thereafter we shall embark on a very romantic date- dumpster diving for moving boxes! I cannot wait to move into our new house. I cannot wait to show you all pictures, especially of my bathroom sink and my kitchen counters. I could die. I’m going to be a total snot and see if Bezzie calls me out for posing my yarn in my sink, it’s that swanky. Stepford-wife knitting swanky bathroom sink.

Oh! One last thing. What kind of deodorant do you use, and are you happy with it? I’m serious.

*today’s most perplexing search hit. At least people have stopped searching for bank robber costumes!




13 responses

16 05 2007

Imagine my surprise when I found that I had been mentioned in dispatches while catching up on your blog. Look forward to see the new gaff. Oh and make sure you’re both in date for your shots before dumpster diving.

17 05 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Myyyyyyy memory… my memory… serves me far toooooo welllllllllllll.

Wow, I loved Listen Without Prejudice Vol. I when I was a young thang. I think my sister and I played “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” the entire summer between my seventh and eighth grade. It was the summer of George.

The ring would look fab absolutely anywhere, doing positively anything… provided it lives on your left ring finger. Oh and that reminds me, I want your tikka masala recipe, woman.

I’ve been using the Arrid XX spray in the yellow can lately.

17 05 2007

I’ll only excuse swanky yarn posing if it occurs AFTER the dumpster diving 😉

I dig that Dove deodorant. But honestly I’m into whatever I have a coupon for.

17 05 2007

I wish you lived closer. My addiction to online shopping has accumulated quite the collection of moving boxes in my basement. Do you have liquor stores? They’re always my favorite source of packing materials.

Secret has a new deodorant–Clinical Strength–that I like, but otherwise I’ll alternate between Dove and Degree.

17 05 2007

Ok, I wish I lived closer, too, but mostly to have a knitting/real life workout buddy! 🙂
We’re going to liquor stores tonight. There’s some tequila in a bottle shaped like a shotgun that for some reason I’m convinced I must have. Oh, and to look for boxes, too!

17 05 2007

Nice grillz. They say, “our grillz are iced out” – who can resist that?

17 05 2007
Knitting Bandit

I confess to loving WIlliam Shatner, too. The really “sad” part is I rarely watched Star Trek, so it’s not from his younger “hotter” years. He cracks me up consistently on Boston Legal and I love his CD, part sarcastic, part witty, sometimes poignant. I bet he’d be a fun guy to know…

17 05 2007

*blank stare* That ring was a joke counter-suggestion? Surely not. I mean, what’s wrong with a $3000 ring? No, no. THIS is a counter-suggestion:


17 05 2007
Sarah the DomesticOverlord

OMG, you have to get one of those grillz. You could hide it in a hanky or something and discreetly put it in right before the “You may now kiss the bride” then give Jungle Jim a BIG smile. That’s a classic wedding moment. Best $19.99 you’ll ever spend. And if I may, I suggest the crown

17 05 2007

Once again, DO is a genius. That could be my something blue!
Seriously. I’ll do it.

18 05 2007

The ring is gorgeous, but you know, everyone has one of those. The grillz? Go with DO’s idea. And don’t forget to bring the smelling salts, just in case Jungle Jim doesn’t manage to get up all by himself.

18 05 2007

You’ve been tagged for a meme! Check out my blog for all the rules. No pressure 🙂

23 05 2007

HOLD OUT FOR THE RING! You’re worth it!

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