Nine! Nine, the most mystical number. Nolan is nine today.

9 05 2007

Today my son Nolan turns nine years old.  NINE!  He’s nine.  My baby, the last baby I will ever have, is nine years old.  I swear it was only a week ago that he was screaming to be held, pissed off that anyone but me would dare to touch him, or try to comfort him!  He’s always been rather attached to me, you see, and he still is.  His nickname is Buster, and if anyone watches Arrested Development you’ll understand a bit more about my precious Noleander.  Yes, if there were a Mother-Boy gala in Phoenix we’d go.  His idea for our costumes was to have me dressed as a tree and he’d dress as an apple.  My Buster.  My own sweet son.

When Nolan was a few months old I read an article in the magazine Mothering.  Ok, ONLY read that magazine if you want to feel like you are either the worst, most incompetent mother ever, OR if you find comfort in someone else rationalizing your over-inflated, judgmental condescending ass.  So I only read it once, but the article I read was titled “On the Sweetness of Boys.”  That’s my son, sweet.  Nolan genuinely cares about other people’s happiness.  He will go out of his way to comfort someone, or give them a hug, generic wonderful stuff like that.  If we lived near a street frequented by elderly women he’d always be walking them across the street.  Thank heavens we don’t because HE’S MINE!

For now.  But on the occasion of his ninth birthday I am reminded that my son is growing up, and someday he will belong to himself, and he may have a family of his own.  (Secretly, deep down inside I believe he will only and ever be mine all mine, but he’ll never know and I won’t let his chosen one know that, either.  Seriously.  It’s enough that I know.)  He’ll grow up and find a way to become an international do-gooder.  He’s a brilliant human being, compassionate and strong.  I mean these things, I’m not just being melodramatic because it’s his birthday and I haven’t slept much in the past few days because every waking moment has been devoted to this godforsaken action research project which probably sucks ass but WTF.  It’s Nolan’s birthday.


Happy Birthday, my sweet sweet Nolan.  You are the first man I ever loved.  And I remember the precise moment I fell in love with you, too.  You are my son, I am your mama.  I love you beyond words.  Even when you look scary.





12 responses

9 05 2007

Awww!! Tell Nolan the Crazy Monkey Lady says hi!

9 05 2007

Hee!!! Such a sweetie!! I’m so glad I got me a boy too 😉

10 05 2007

Yup, there’s something about boys. Especially the first. Nothing can compare…

Happy Birthday Nolan!

10 05 2007

Happy berfday Nolan!!

10 05 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Happy blurphton to the Noleander!!! Nine is a wonderful year. I hope it’s the best one yet.

10 05 2007

Happy Birthday Nolan!!!

10 05 2007

Happy Birthday to Nolan! He’s a cutie!

Sigh…my baby boy is 17, my number one man too!

11 05 2007

Happy birthday, Big Man! And to his mama too! (‘Cause we know who did all the work, don’t we? Yes, we do!)

11 05 2007
pixie knits!

happy birthday to your wee one!

i’ll get you added to the knitty ring as soon as you add the buttons to your page. see you there!

12 05 2007

Happy very belated birthday to Nolan! Seems to me that he’s very lucky to have such a lovely mommy.

Once we purchase our villa in Tuscany (sometime after I manage to convince W. that living in a foreign country is a brilliant idea, since the Germany thing isn’t going over so well) you must must must come visit.

13 05 2007

Happy 9th little man.

14 05 2007

Happy (very late) Birthday to Nolan! That’s some seriously cook scary make-up, by the way.

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