In Which Penny Karma Wants In My Britches

1 05 2007


When I invite Penny Karma and her husband R over for an evening of drinks with JungleJim and me, and y’all don’t hear from either of us OR Ross the Intern for a while, know that we’re happy. Here’s the latest epistle d’amour PK left me (you can read it for yourself in the comments section in my previous post, so you know I’m not fakin’. This time!):

“I will wrastle you for Ross the Intern. Nekkid. In a vat of pudding.
If he doesn’t get into that, well, then, we’ll know one way or the other for sure

Really, there’s nothing much left to say after that. Oh! Except this. Remember when PK wondered about Screech’s sex tape and I said I’d watch it? I did. And on the last episode of Celebrity Fit Club when Screech (I know he hates it when I call him that, which is why I do it) said he’s packing heat, he’s not kidding. But it’s not an enjoyable heat. It’s actually not so much porn as it is a bunch of dweebs taping themselves doing sek-syoo-ual things to each other. If you need to kick your candy necklace habit, this is the flick for you.

And THAT, more than anything, will curb my appetite. But there’s always room for Bloody Mary in my Shrek Super Chiller Mug!


Yeah. Sorry about the picture, but you KNOW I’ve been drinking the contents. Speaking of delicious beverages, my beloved Pelota del Fuego told me that she’d recently had some Pom Tea and would be testing my vodka and cranberry juice recipe soon. I’ll post it again, because it’s worth posting.

1 (one) Pom Green Tea and something or other juice glass, empty

3 (three) ice cubes

1 (one) generous pour, some might call it a long pour, of vodka

1 (one) fill-up the rest of the way with cranberry juice

Ok? Ok. Crappit, I need to knit some ankle socks for my mentor teacher, Beth, whom I love. I best do that. I need another Bloody Mary Shrek Super Chiller Mug beverage. Not need, want.

Thank you, and good night.



Ok, I can’t even be trusted to post my own drink recipes when I’m drinking!

Here’s how you make an OLPP!


Pom glass- check

Three ice cubes: check

Big splash of vodka: check

Mediumish splach of tonic: check

Top-off of cranberry juice: check

Smooshed lime: check

 Thank you, Amy.  You are, as always, my shining star.






6 responses

1 05 2007
Penny Karma

I bet we could sell our Nekkid Puddin Wrastlin video, if we were ever strapped for cash.

1 05 2007



2 05 2007

Now see, I had NO interest in seeing Screech or his heat, but now you’ve made me wonder. And the hubby won’t download it for me. Meany!

hmmmm….cranberry juice will have to be bought on the way home…. 🙂

2 05 2007
P del F (Fireball)

PK – If pudding *and* straps were involved, you could sell it for even more! 🙂

I’m pouring a KHM Pomcranodka Special right now, baby.

2 05 2007
4 05 2007

Good lord!
A vat of pudding yo say? Hmm.
Just reading a comment above made me think, “I’ll buy that for a dollar” alright, up to $60.
What kind of pudding?

Be lucky.

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