I Love Ross the Intern

30 04 2007


I love Ross the Intern. I wish I were his type. Actually, I’m being judgmental. I might be his type, but I have a sneaking suspicion I lack certain accoutrements that would inspire him to ring my bell. I’ve chosen him as my Celebrity Fit Club workout buddy. I guess that doesn’t really mean anything, seeing as how I’ll never meet the man and therefore have the opportunity to work out with him. UNLESS! Maybe he secretly reads my blog and will be so touched to hear that he’s inspired me that he’ll contact me and offer to come do my Boot Camp Couch to 5k routine with me for a day or two! Yeah yeah yeah! But check out how skinny he is already. Gah! Will he develop a haughty demeanor now that he looks like a super model? I hope not. I want to give a special hello to my sweet SillyRabbit, who has joined me in this particular brand of torture. Only 12 today, sweetness! Wahoo!! And now, knitting!

I don’t want to say this out loud, but I do think it bears mentioning. I’ve made much progress on my Icarus re-do and am nearing the point I was at when the whole thing fell apart. I’m not sure if it was the voodoo dolly kiss-up photo, the Seven Buddhas photo, or whispering to the yarn “I love you I love you I love you”, but it seems to be going much better now. Ok, there are two holes that I fixed by threading a snippet of yarn through and tying a knot, but you seriously can’t tell, and besides, it will be symbolic. Yes! Since this is going to be my wedding shawl it’s only proper that it has some glitches and fixes. I’m all about the symbolism, baby, and I’m all about trying to catch up to Theresa. And seriously, you can’t even tell. And if you can, I don’t want to hear it!

Check out how nicely everything is coordinated! Now all of the yarn for this shawl is kept in plastic bags in the black case, which was a Lancome freebie last year. I think I spent the GDP of Micronesia, so they gave me this case and another, smaller bag that actually holds make-up. Behind it is my consolation purchase that I got when the demonic jewelry store told me they had fixed my necklace and actually hadn’t, and when I asked for a replacement chain because the original had been damaged twice now, ok, this is not worth telling. Anyway, my new knitting bag! I LOVE it. Love it. Further evidence, by the way, that Theresa is exercising her mental powers of persuasion on me yet again. You’ll see that she is going through a black and white phase, and just for kicks is making me go through one, too. At least it’s not fuchsia (that’s a strange word to spell) and puce. That’s when I start wearing a tinfoil hat.


All right, I need to go walk briskly for 20 minutes, and then come home to do 12 sit-ups and push-ups. Saturday AND Sunday I did the run/walk thing and I wasn’t supposed to. Every other day. The good thing, though, is that muscles that have long lay dormant are now springing back to life and screaming at my insensitivity. Have a good day, everybody!




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30 04 2007

I’m trying to think of something encouraging and non-jinxy regarding Icarus. Needless to say, I’m trying to send the best vibes I can.

The Roxy bag = adorable! Sooo cute.

Best of luck on the fitness-weight-loss whatchamahoozit. I should definitely do the same. I’d like to have, you know, a really noticeable waist, rather than not-so-much. Enjoy the pain!

30 04 2007


/me thinks puce and fuchsia thoughts.

30 04 2007

I also heart muchly Ross the intern! And heart muchly, you!!

1 05 2007
Penny Karma

I will wrastle you for Ross the Intern. Nekkid. In a vat of pudding.

If he doesn’t get into that, well, then, we’ll know one way or the other for sure.

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