Go light a candle.

16 04 2007

I guess we could all use a little more light. It’s not as though these kids at Virginia Tech were crack dealers or rapists or arms smuggler. It doesn’t make sense. So little in life does, but this is in its own realm of horrible.  I can’t think of anything appropriate or meaningful enough to say.  My heart aches and I want lay down and cry.  

So go light a candle, ok?




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16 04 2007
Fluffy Ewe


I’m not sure a reason for today’s events would make them easier to take. Thank you for the link to light a candle. There is a VTech group started on that site and I posted mine there.


16 04 2007

I was surprised that your blog was the first to make any mention of today’s events. I almost missed learning about the shootings because I was recovering from a weekend filled with miniature tragedies.

16 04 2007

(First that blog that I read today mentioning the shootings, that is)

16 04 2007

It’s hard to wrap your mind around things that don’t make sense. I am still trying to process this, it’s like a round peg in a square hole. My heart goes out to those students and their families and friends..

17 04 2007

/me hugs OLPP tightly

17 04 2007

What can you say? There aren’t words for it.

Thanks for the link.

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