We Are the Champions, My Friends!

13 04 2007

Nicely done, people!

The first time I had a blog contest I went about it in a lame way, and the people who “won” all got a really crappy prize because I a) wanted everyone to have a prize and b) didn’t have a billion dollars for a dozen or so nice prizes. I’m lame. But I’ve learned a lot in this short history of my blogging, and so it is with great happiness that I congratulate Camille on her stunning victory! Camille and Theresa were tied, and I pulled Camille’s name out of the two-person pile.

Hi, Camille! I’ll do my darnedest (Ha! Pun!) to find some Yarn Pirate Sock Yarn for you. On the off chance that this is one of those yarns that everyone loves and therefore buys as soon as it’s for sale, do you have a second choice? (Yeah, I just checked their esty shop… it’s quite bare! So #2?)

Seriously, y’all were SO close, I wish I a) still believed in lame prizes and b) had a billion dollars for nice prizes for everyone. Thank you all for playing!

PS- Yarn Pr0n!





8 responses

13 04 2007

Congrats Camille!


I did not win! (I knew I would not, but hey, one can hope!)

13 04 2007

I shouldn’t tell ya this (cause I am desparate to score some myself) but http://www.thesweetsheep.com.ca is doing a Yarn Pirate update at 7pm EST (i.e. in just over an hour from this comment). Just sayin.

13 04 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Hooooray, Camille.

I’m lame, I didn’t finish looking everything up. I was too busy oogling Seasilk for the international Kathy-Theresa-Amy Icarus knit along! 🙂

You know I love you like crazy though, right?

Remind me the next time we talk to tell you about the awesome architect I met tonight!

13 04 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Erm, is that a voodoo doll? Perhaps my eyes are misleading me. It appears to have pins in it…

14 04 2007

I GOT THEM ALL RIGHT WHOO! The 12 hours were worth every second!

14 04 2007

What???? Her Peez isn’t a real singer??? 😦

14 04 2007

good orange scarry thing.

Loving a huge tv isn’t a bad thing.

Just not on my site, I already have too much musical dance in my life.

15 04 2007
Knitting Bandit

Cute little orange guy in the middle of the yarny goodness!

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