Like That, Another One, Babe!

2 03 2007

One several freaky occasions, someone has been blog searching for “his gay freckles blog”, or, alternately, “his freckles blog gay.” Don’t ask me. Once I said something about Nolan’s freckles, but considering the number of ladies he’s set out to woo (and he’s only 8, go li’l pimp!) I don’t think he’s gay. Remind me to tell you about his Valentine’s Day. Anyway.

Sometimes people are searching for very funny things- “the dirt on floyd’s baby momma” this evening. I love Floyd Landis and was greatly upset by the crime perpetrated against him after his fantastic win at last year’s Tour de France. (I CANNOT wait for this year’s race!) Also there was a search for “Joaquin Phoenix wrong with body” and I am here to tell you there is nothing wrong with Joaquin Phoenix’s body! I do admit to being somewhat taken aback by “older lady escorts”, but what’cha gonna do? Everybody loves to be loved.

This week has sucked rather a lot. My sister has flipped out. I have PMS. I’m overwhelmed with school, but in a good way. Or at least an “I’m doing a good job and have every intention of seeing this through to becoming a legendary high school English teacher” way. Still, though, it’s been a hard week. So imagine, if you will, my supreme happiness at seeing this in the search engine hits box: “I am in love with my pen pal.”

Imagine that! It’s like Cyrano de Bergerac, but with less French. C’est comme Cyrano de Bergerac, mais avec moins de Francais. When was the last time you actually wrote a letter? Not an email, not a quick note, not a little card, but a real live sit down with your lovely stationery and favorite pen. By the way, I’m a wretch when it comes to lovely stationery. If I don’t like how I’ve written a letter, or a word is written all large and sloppy, I have to tear up the paper and start all over again. Can you imagine me loose in Papyrus? Yeah. So there you sit holding your wonderful pen with which you can write just so, actually writing a letter to a pen pal! A person to whom you only write letters. No phone calls, no instant or text messaging. No emails, only hand-written letters. Love letters, no less. Since you are in love with your pen pal.

I would fall in love with you if you wrote letters to me, if you wrote on lovely stationery with your favorite pen. I’d love you more than I do now. So take heart, hapless blog searcher. If you are in love with your pen pal, persist in writing lovely letters.

Please write to let me know what happens. And then you shall have another pen pal to love!

I am in love with my pen pal.




5 responses

3 03 2007

That’s amusing. Ah, the weird people look for!

4 03 2007

Actually, my IR (yeah, right, “real”…) L exBFF, whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in a couple of years, wrote me a letter on lined, hole-punched paper in real pen. It arrived just the other day. I have been having a little think about what to say back and whether to put in inky form, or if that would just make me such a copycat.

5 03 2007

oooh, that makes me wanna pull out papyrus and quill to write you a love letter, ma petite chouchou!

Alas, I am at work, working on virtual documents and sicky to boot.

11 03 2007
P del F (Fireball)

You know I’ve been over the moon for you for ages now. Your my torrid, hot (like, middle of the desert hot) love affair.

I adore pen pal-ing. 🙂 Email and chat is lovely for immediate gratification, but ya know, nothing compares to hand-written words.


15 03 2007
P del F (Fireball)

…and kiss me for longeeeeeeeeeeeer!

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