I Was Made for Lovin’ You, Baby! You Were Made for Lovin’ Me!

14 02 2007

A very happy Valentine’s Day (Or VD, depending on your personal habits and safety-mindedness) to my reader! To my Valentine Boy, Nolan, I love you so so so much! To my Valentine Girl, Chloe, I love you a billion bushels! JungleJim, Valentine’s Day is like celebrating a blue sky in Arizona. Every day’s a blue sky. Every day is Valentine’s Day. You are my heart.

 THIS actually turned my head in weird ways for a bit last night. I laughed out loud, and it sounded so odd, like my Dad laughs when he’s watching The Simpsons. What’s even more startling is THIS. I don’t know why I use the word startling. But it really was! And at some point I had to stop reading because, as Elvis sang, a little less conversation, a little more action, baby! So Happy VD to these folks, too, although apparently they’re already celebrating

In a VERY spooky way, THIS ties together a large portion of the previous paragraph.





7 responses

14 02 2007

Happy VD (ha!) to you and yours. I received my final package, and just posted about it. Thank you! You’re the best SP any knitter could ask for!!! Thanks so much again 🙂

15 02 2007

Happy VD to you!

15 02 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Use the cream, take the CIPRO, darling — that burning and rash will clear *right* up.

Yo tengo una pregunta. My FO’s and WIPs are piling up and I’d like to start a knitting blog. Any opinion as to where’s best to do that? I know you switched to WordPress not too long ago — you happier here?

15 02 2007
P del F (Fireball)

Ew, that was gross. 🙂 My point: I do so hope that your St. Valentine’s was filled with chocolatey and lovey goodness.

16 02 2007

How do you find this stuff? Not just you, all the bloggists I read who have these crazy links to crazy sites!

It’s my de-lurking day, OLPP. I love your blog. Hope you had a fab VD!

19 02 2007

A happy belated VD to you!

I owe you an email. And a package. Which will probably arrive in about a month or so, since the post office and I seem to be having compatability issues.

20 02 2007

I LOVE the new look of the blog. Very nice!

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