I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your (Hershey’s) Kiss

23 01 2007

Last night I dreamt entirely in Chocolate. Two childhood friends and I were at a café and all of the food was chocolate. Chocolate cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies (but no pie, which is odd because today is National Pie Day!), everything was chocolate. In my dream, my delight was such that all I could do was giggle! I woke myself up giggling! Today was indeed a good day, even though I spent it largely with my BLE textbooks, becoming very vexed indeed that seemingly nothing can escape the insidious encroachment of politics.


The yarn you see above is Tofustsies from South West Trading Company.  Tofutsies! The color shceme is Stand on Your Own Two Feet.  (I’m sorry, I’m not Old School enough to say ‘colorway.’)  And I must thank my Secret Pal again for the Sensational Knitted Socks book! Without it, I would have stuck this yarn in the bottom of my stash, never to look at it or touch it again. I am having so much fun knitting this. I just LOVE it! It’s springy, soft, and wonderfully colorful. What’s not to love? I do admit to being a bit perplexed by the shrimp and crab shells, and since this is only the second pair of socks I’ve knit I’ll be honest and say the curiosity factor is what made me buy the yarn, not any love of sock knitting. However, I may indeed be a sockaholic now because of it! It’s apparently naturally antibacterial, which is a good thing. That’s all I’m saying.  It’s not as squishy (there’s that word!) or fluffy as my poorly lit shot would have you believe, but it is fun.  It glides nicely, but never slips.  So there we have it. Tofutsies, I love you!

This is going to be a new purse for me. She shall have bamboo handles and a wild bright lining that has goldish accents.

Ok! Salmon and wild rice for dinner. Care to join us?




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23 01 2007
Knitting Bandit

I’m jealous of your delicious dream. I found out this morning it was National Pie Day, had a few moments of big pie planning and then promptly forgot about it. All snug in PJ’s when I remembered–all I could come up with is a frozen pumpkin pie…but I want chocolate or pecan or banana cream or rasberry or I guess pumpkin will do 😦 Love those socks you’re knitting up. I searched your blog (felt miserably denied when I saw that scrumptious cake ) and can’t figure out just what that yarn is.

23 01 2007

Hm, so after The Most Depressing Day of the Year we get National Pie Day? Yeah, that would cheer me up!!!

Can’t wait to see your purse. You’re a lean mean bag makin’ machine lately aren’t you? 🙂

23 01 2007

That’s turning out great!! Lovely color!! Go you!!

That purse is going to be really awesome!!

Lemon Meringue Pie!! Now I know just why I got some at lunch today..I usually refrain LOL! 🙂

24 01 2007

The Tofutsies sock is pretty, but I’m entranced by the shimmery golden goodness that is going to be your purse. Beautiful!

Yum, pie. Yum, chocolate.
Eek, 10 pounds in 3 months.
I better stay away from both.

24 01 2007
the kitchener bitch

I love the sock yarn, dearie. Does it SMELL like shrimpies? I think that would disturb me too much to carry on.

24 01 2007

you dont have to be cool to rule my world you dont have to be rich to be my girl aint no particular sign i’m more compatible with…

cocktail sauce?

24 01 2007

…and I shall call her squishy!

24 01 2007

Ooh! I heard references to tofustsies, but wondered what it was. Hrm… I’m starting a new sock addiction, mayhaps I’ll have to find some for me. Heehee… After 4 kids, a strange smell probably wouldn’t even register in my brain, tho the cats might take a shining to it.

24 01 2007

That’s some mighty groovy fabric your purse-to-be is sitting on!

25 01 2007

Hi there!
National Pie Day?!! So you don’t don baggy trousers red noses and rotating bow ties and then hurl pies at each other then?

Loved the dream reminded me of Hommer S.

Is it me or does the ball of wool look like it has developed a rudimentary mouth and is tucking into a meal of sticks.

Oh, and I answered your question, I think?

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