In a Secret World, We Were Colliding

18 01 2007

Plain outer flap?



Or flowery outer flap?


Not to rush you, but I do have class next Monday and would like to use my new bag. J




10 responses

18 01 2007

Wait, wait, wait! You handsewed all of that already! Holy crap woman!


that was me hitting the floor!

18 01 2007

That is gorgeous. LOVE IT.

19 01 2007

That is gorgeous!!! Love the fabrics! Go you!! You can do it! 🙂

19 01 2007

What a tough choice…. the patterned fabric is nice, but I would personally go with the plain flap and have the flowered lining as a suprise detail when people catch it. Awesome job, did you really sew that by hand? I see handsewn knitting totes and needle wraps in your future : )

19 01 2007

I like the plain flap too, with the surprise bouquet when you open it.

A la Curran.

19 01 2007
the kitchener bitch

I vote plain. Put the flowery stuff on the inside.

19 01 2007
Secret Pal

Cute bag. I like the flowery flap.

20 01 2007

The bag is gorgeous, and I vote for the plain flap. The flowers are a nice surprise for the inside.

20 01 2007

Flowery flap! Flowery FLAP!

21 01 2007


Hmmm… The flowery print is really too nice for just the inside. On the other hand, I like the plain flap, and then you open the bag and see beautiful flowers. It’s a tough call.

I’m no help at all, I’m afraid…

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