My Heart is a Brick and I Cannot Pick It Up

15 01 2007

I have fabric.

I have an indomitable will.

I don’t have a sewing machine.

I don’t have a messenger bag pattern.




6 responses

15 01 2007

I have faith in you flower!

15 01 2007

That’s fabulous fabric!!

I looooove funky fabric. And purple thread? Rockin’. But what are the little fimo bird things?

16 01 2007

I admire your ambition. 😀

16 01 2007
the kitchener bitch

Knit one!

Or come over to my house and use the sewing machine.

16 01 2007

Are those mutant peeps?

You can do it. I have a sewing machine but it scares me. I just hand sewed five patches onto the Chunk man’s holey jeans. I imagine a messenger bag would be just as tedious. You can do it!!!

17 01 2007

That’s most fabulous fabric, and the shocking fuchsia/purple thread is da bomb!

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