Let’s Make it Clear That This is Free Love

12 01 2007

Ok, to clarify, I believe those two items down there to be slippers socks, not straight up socks. So if’n someone has a hankerin’ to laugh with glee at my “I should try STR” essay, I didn’t lie when I said I’ve only knit one pair of socks

Perhaps I should expound a bit.  Here’s my plea:


I don’t know if I can best the Floyd’s Knobs lady. I have made one pair of socks, and it was for my father for Christmas. It wasn’t very enjoyable, as I knit it with Cascade something or other in a solid (but lovely) chocolate color. It was very very boring. Emphasis on the very. And the boring. I’m worried, though, that like every loss of virginity experience, I’ll fall into a love that won’t be reciprocated. I’ll turn into some sort of sad, clingy girl, and look for the bittersweet tang of First Love with the entire STR line! Here’s how it’ll go down:
“STR, you never call me!”

“But after we met you bought eighteen of my brothers!”

“But but but… you were my first! The most special! Doesn’t that MEAN anything to you?”

“I thought it meant something to you! But all you do is walk all over me!”

“Well, you’re *socks*. I thought that’s what you wanted!”

“How would you know what I want? You just stuck needles into me, twisted me around, and you wouldn’t even do Magic Loop!”

“Magic Loop! I’m not that kind of girl!” And that’s when I’d throw that pair of socks in for a wash, because only dirty socks would suggest such a thing.

I now leave you to sing Depeche Mode songs to yourself.




5 responses

12 01 2007

I’ve yet to try them too…but I do have a few skeins. I’ll have to go read your essay.

12 01 2007

I’ve knit socks, I’ve never tried STR, and yet I signed up for the sock club. Yes, I’m insane. Next question?

Footies count.

12 01 2007
Knitting Bandit

Thanks for the laugh! It’s so funny-I want to share it with others, but we both know those non-knitters would just look at me like I was some kind of freak! They so wouldn’t get it!! Hope you win!!! STR really rocks!

14 01 2007

Wishing you luck! They’ve now upped it to a few more skeins so hopefully you’ll be in there! 🙂 I love your essay!! 🙂

15 01 2007
P del F

STR shall be yours! 🙂

Only suitable, my dear, as you, yourself, rock. You rock the casbah, baby.

I share your fear, by the way. What if I fall completely in love?

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