A Lovestruck Romeo Sings the Streets a Serenade

8 01 2007


Those oversupermegapainful Fuzzy Feet weren’t the end of me. Oh no. For some reason I had to keep knitting slippers. Mostly because I signed up to test-knit a pattern for some slippers. So I knitted two pairs, and you see them both below.

I started to knit this lovely scarf in a fantastic, berry-colored yarn, something called Afternoon Silk. Let’s examine that, shall we? Afternoon silk. Does that mean that the rather scant silk content of the yarn makes it more appropriate for the afternoon, and a higher silk content would lend itself to perhaps more eveningly (Yes. A new word. You read it here first) activities? I don’t know. What I do know is that the pattern called for more attention span than I had at my disposal.

I’d like to take a poll here, and please feel free to participate. Who among us thinks that in real life, non-Napoleon style, the kid who played Napoleon Dynamite is actually rather… hot? Also, next time you logon to MySpace, check out the banner ad along the top of the page. Do you see a Knit Picks ad? I do. And I’m slightly tweaked out by that.

PS- My Blogger Secret Pal sent me a gift subscription to Interweave Knits. How much does she rule? A heck of a lot, that’s how much. You know what’s also cool about her, in a non-material way? She always asks about my kids. It’s hard to say which makes me happier….

















9 responses

8 01 2007

Kickin’ slippers!

I saw the KP ads on MySpace too! I thought I was going nuts! Hooray! I’m not nuts alone!

9 01 2007

he is kinda hot

9 01 2007
Secret Pal

Love the slippers!

And yes, he’s kinda hot.

9 01 2007

Naa. I like my men kinda burly. Unless I’m knitting sweaters for them.

You do pick out nice colors to work with.

9 01 2007

Awesome job! What yarn? They look great!

11 01 2007

2 days! 2 days i’ve been singing that song oooo.

13 01 2007
Penny Karma

Is that the Indigo Girls version?

13 01 2007

Yes! In fact, I didn’t know who sang the original until a few years ago when StingRayJim made me a mix CD.

Besides, it’s so much better when she sings “Juliet! When we made love you used to cry!” because it’s so much less whiney girl crying after sex-like.

14 01 2007

….i’d do the stars with you…ANYTIME! love the indigo girls version. and these slippers would be perfect for a cold day like today. love the colors!

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