Climb Every Mountain, Swim Every … Swimmable Thing

31 12 2006

Ok. Perhaps some of you remember my spectacular failure (see the mutant red slipper below, it’s the red blob with the purple ring) with felting my mother’s pair of Fuzzy Feet for Christmas. Then I rejoiced with my success. I then finally was able to knit something for myself. All for me, the first thing I knit for myself. Well, that’s what I get for being so selfish. They were a bit too big, so with the helpful advice of some fantastic knittys, I re-felted them. And now my beloved slippers might fit one of my guinea pigs, if she left half her foot hanging out. Uh-huh.  Here they are, pre-ultramegashrinking.  I don’t have to heart to take a piggie footwear picture.


Luckily, I am test-knitting a pattern (Me! Can you believe it? Ok, it has nothing to do with talent or ability, it has everything to do with stalking a particular blog I love so much, stalking the right place at the right time) for SLIPPERS! It’s destiny, fate, kismet, karma, luck, I don’t know. Anyway, back to work.




Oh, and the beans you see around the Yorkshire Pudding below and the general filth, that’s what happens at Chez OLPP when I cook. Havoc.