One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

28 12 2006

I’m not sure this is what Pom had in mind when the peel-off label on the glass suggested re-use. But what the heck!

This is my favorite drink lately, which means I’ve had precisely three in a five-week period. Here’s the recipe:

Take an empty Pom Green Tea and Pomegranate tea glass.

Place three medium ice cubes into the Pom glass.

Pour in enough Ketel One vodka so that it almost reaches the top of the third ice cube. Hint: if you toss the cubes in haphazardly, they will stack taller than if you place them in gently. In fact, this entire beverage should be assembled with a devil-may-care attitude.

Next, add enough tonic (I can’t name-drop here, we bought the generic and dang it if the bottle doesn’t explode every SINGLE time. I’m the only one that remembers this, you know) to cover the ice and vodka, but leave about two and a half inches at the top of the glass.

Place a pre-sliced lime wedge along the rim of the Pom glass.

Following the tonic, add a splash of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice. When I say splash, I mean enough to top off the glass.

Now remove the lime, squeeze it in a viscious, kung-fu fingertip grip and then drop it into the Pom glass.

Stir tenderly, with a wistful longing in your heart.

Marvel at the pretty colors!


Next time you serve this at a party, or make one for yourself at home or in a seedy motel room, raise your Pom glass and say “Here’s to OLPP!”

In other news, there really isn’t any.




7 responses

28 12 2006

I’ve never seen those glasses before. Sigh. I wish I could tie a stiff one on now and then. Have one for the Bezmeister wouldja?

28 12 2006
P del F

This sounds ubertasty, my lovely! I shall have one tomorry night with my seeeeeeeester. Although, we’ll be snowbound in a lovely three bedroom cabin overlooking a gorgeous Colorado lake. It shall have to suffice for a seedy motel.

And I shall think of you all the same!

BTW, got some GOOOOOOOORGEOUS yarn pr0n-age to share when I get back. 🙂

29 12 2006

A nice fizzy, tangy, adult beverage. I like it. I shall have to set myself up with one. Methinks there’s still just enough Finlandia in the freezer to do it.

29 12 2006

Is that what I’m supposed to do with the dozen empty Pom glasses that my darling husband keeps bringing home? Good to know. *adds vodka and tonic to her shopping list today* 🙂

29 12 2006

Drink looks V-nice, will get the makings next time I shop (Feb 07) and have a couple. Can’t believe you put liquid on a laptop!

Good hairdo, little man.

30 12 2006

Nice drink, must make one!

And that is such a cool hairdo. Way to go!

30 12 2006
the kitchener bitch

Ah, the sweet sweet taste of cranberry juice over tonic.

Nice do on the little guy!

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