Chloe Noelle, Her Mama Does Say…

23 12 2006

….is the sweetest girl ever born Christmas Eve day!

Her eyes, so bright!  Her smile, so wide!

It is no wonder she’s my joy and pride!

Chloe Noelle, Chloe Noelle,

She is my girl I love so well!

 Chloe and 1 month

That’s the Chloe Noelle song, sung to the tune of The First Noel.  Like you needed to be told!  December 24, 2006, is her 10th birthday.  I hardly know what to say, beyond happy birthday!  Chloe is my girl.  I remember the precise moment I found out I was pregnant with her.  I was sitting in my little bathroom in Rota, Spain, watching the pink plus sign take form.  I remember holding onto her inside, my little secret, my little bud.  Because of her and the morning sickness she brought along, I had cause to embarrass myself atop Le Tour Eiffel.  She and I, we shared a heartbeat.  Every movement I made revolved around her.  I had her all to myself for nine months, all mine.


When she was born I could not wait to get my hands on her, my lips to her forehead, my eyes on her eyes.  I needed it so badly, and not because she was a humongous baby!  Nine pounds, people.  Nine pounds. 


She’s no longer all mine.  She’s been very much her own person since she learned how to read, and of course there are other people in her life.  But alas.  I knew her first, and we shared a heartbeat.


Here are some of my favorite things about Chloe: she’s very daring.  Chloe is amazingly creative and expresses it in wild and surprising ways.  She’s very sensitive, which means trouble if you cross her on a bad day, and also if you need a hug she’s the first one by your side.  Chloe has a beautiful spirit and a mind intelligent beyond my understanding.  She’s an angel.  She’s a feisty demon.  She’s my girl and my heart.  Chloe is the first person I have ever truly loved.


When she was a baby it was just the two of us.  Her father was gone all the time, and we rather liked having our own little world.  Her Spanish family, the people who took care of her when my maternity leave was up and I had to return to work, made such an impression on her developing personality, I’d be selfish not to mention them.  Carmen, Rosa, Jacinto, Manuel, Pepa, Manolo, I wish you could see her now.  In her first two years she was as much yours as she was mine, and we loved you fiercely.  Someday we’ll go back, visit the city where she and her brother were born, and we’ll see you again.  I know you’ll know her on sight.


Happy Birthday, my sweet Chloe, my Sugar Peeps.  My girl.  My heart!  I love you.  I’m so glad you chose me to be your Mama!

(ok, she got a haircut yesterday with her father, so as soon as she’s home I’ll post it.  It’s gorgeous, I’m sure!)