Hold Me Now, It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry

21 12 2006

Seriously, Donald Trump, lighten up.  Quit being such a spazz, you big baby.  And don’t bother threatening to sue me, I’ve got nothin’ but yarn.  Then again, you might could get yourself a new weave!


So this has been on my mind a while.  Gay marriage.  No, not because I’m gay, and as far as I know I don’t have plans to get married.  But… come on!  Remember back in the day of segregation when there were separate drinking fountains?  Separate seats on a bus?  Separate sections of restaurants and other public places?  How is the issue of marriage any different?  Why are people denied the right to the social and personal benefits of marriage based solely on the person they chose to love?  I’ve heard and read the argument that gays will ruin the institution of marriage.  Oh yeah?  I’m sorry, but marriage isn’t doing so well in the hands of us straight people.  Take me, for example.  I was half of an absolute marital travesty.  So if ANYone should be denied the right to be married, it should be people who’ve already mucked it up.  But that’s equally ridiculous, and I don’t intend for anyone to take that seriously.  Look, people, love is love, and there is no one who has the right to dictate and regulate who we love.  You know what I find absolutely simple-minded and implicitly mean?  The sniveling little people who say “What’s next?  We’ll then be allowed to marry a DOG?”  Shut up.  If you can’t speak sense, don’t speak.   In any case, at least Arizona got SOMETHING right this November, so hopefully what that means is that one day anti-gay-marriage will be a closed chapter, and laws banning gay marriage will go the way of the segregationist drinking fountains.  Seriously, people.  Get a grip.


‘K.  I’m going knit now, I’m working on a sock for JungleJim out of my new Sensational Knitted Socks book!




7 responses

21 12 2006

What is UP with the Trump and Rosie? I think they’re both acting like 12 year olds. Wait, strike that…I’ve seen 12 year olds act more mature.

I totally agree with you on all other points.

22 12 2006

Go get ’em, girl!!

22 12 2006

Bless you, my child, for bearing witness on this total non-issue!

I knew there was multiple reasons that I lurve you, and this is one of them!

YAY for Gay marriage!

Knit on sistah!

22 12 2006

I love the argument that “Marriage is for the sake of procreation” – so I guess that means that I’m not really married because I’m not going to procreate?

Interesting factoid – gay marriage became legal in Canada, but the divorce laws didn’t change (they may have done so by now). So gay marriages truly were “til death do us part” because a divorce could only occur if a woman and a man split. Meaning that gay marriages would by definition decrease the divorce rate.

23 12 2006

I don’t understand why straight people get tied up in a knot over gay people getting married. I mean, I’m straight, and as long as the law doesn’t demand that I marry a gay person, gay marriage doesn’t really affect me. I want them to have the right to love each other and be a family if they want to. It boggles the mind that some straight people have enough of an opinion that they go out protesting in the rain!

To me, it seems pretty darn simple:
If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person!


29 12 2006

3 Fuzzy feet, ok.
first one was a failure you say, I can live with that, even if it looked good for little feet.
Then you went into some sort of code, I’ll have to get my enigma machine out of the loft.
It’s all good.

18 03 2009

My reply is I know pretty late but anyway, well said 🙂
Couldn’t say much… I think I said enough on my recent blog post… It was just SO STUPID how other people dictates another who they should live their life with. They doesn’t even let their parents decide who they’ll spend their life with. Marriage is a basic right and an individual’s choice…decisions. They should not interfere with the same-sex couples who choose to marry and share fully equilibrium in the rights, responsibilities, and commitments of civil marriage. It’s a basic human right! And I don’t think that the declination of the instution about the same-sex marriage would actually MATTERS. First of, it’ll just elect simply “live together”. I mean, come on. Even straight couples usually live together without marriage. As if the government and some other sick people (anti-gay-marriage) could actually stop them… Crazy. I guess, they don’t really understand “life and living”. People get married ALL-OF-THE-TIME without having to go to the church to bless them… And for the last, are they stupid? divorce is even written as a sin in the bible so I guess they should not use the word “bible” because they’re just using it to back up their hate. That’s how wars are started. They should think first before they’ll keep their crack ass barking…

Anyway, good luck in everything 🙂

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