Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

19 12 2006

By which I mean, who was I fooling?  Leaving knitting!  As if!

So check this out.  From left to right:

Fuzzy Foot Failure, Fuzzy Foot Success, Fuzzy Foot needing to be felted.


Truthfully, I guess I’m gad the first attempt was an utter failure.  See how much nicer the colors are in Try #2?  Much prettier.  That’s Patons SWS.  I only had one knot in one skein, which is nice.  But I tell you, this stuff is strange to knit.  At some places it felt barely spun, as though they had laid the fibers together and let that be it.  It did pull apart at one point and heck yes was it fuzzy!  But it felt nice and it knit up so quickly.  And it felted nicely, too!  Here, I’m modeling them. 


Now, a peculiarity I’ve noticed is that when normally thin people photograph themselves modeling their socks, their calves/ankles/feet tend to look … humongous.  Maybe it’s me.  However, if this photo makes me look like I have chubby ankles it might be because I have chubby ankles. 

And speaking of socks!

Ok, my upstream Secret Pal should be admonished for blowing the budget.  However, I shan’t complain!  Check this out! I LOVE these books already, and have plans to knit up seven of each item.  I live in a desert, so sweaters and things like that might be fun to knit, but I’d spend eight months knitting an item I’d get to wear once, so these books totally thrill me!  And Peace Fleece!  I had to Google it, because I had to know the story.  Yes, my SP has a warm, generous heart and socially responsible yarn habits.  SO cool!  I really really like this yarn.  Guess what I’ll make!  Thank you so much, SP! 


And por fin, I leave you with this magnificent shot of my sweet Noleander. 



14 responses

19 12 2006
Penny Karma

Nolan is a dashing young lad, even if he’s trying not to be.

I need to try my hand at the Fuzzy Feet pattern one of these days. I’m glad you’ve come back to knitting. We missed you.

19 12 2006

Hee hee! Yup. You’d better lock that boy up!

I lovva the Peace Fleece! Just a note–it doesn’t felt very well–so no fuzzy feet from it 😉

I kid, your fuzzy feet successes look great!

19 12 2006

YIPPEEE!!! Phew..glad you perservered and knit on!!! They look fabulous and thanks for the preview…as DD’s SWS’s will be felted after she opens them! Nolan is a cutie!! Go you! 🙂

20 12 2006
Secret pal

I’m glad you have decided to carry on with the knitting. :o) I love the fuzzy feet. I see a pair in my near future.

Also glad that you like the things I sent you. I’m using the Peace Fleece right now. It’s a bit scratchy to knit with, but I have been assured that is softens up once washed… and just keeps getting softer.

Cute kid. 😉

20 12 2006

Haha! Nolan looks awesome!

Fuzzy Feet are really nice! I’ve got some Patons SWS….how many balls did you need and what size did you make?

20 12 2006

[snort] A cute kid at a cute age.

I’m glad I didn’t have to kneecap anyone to get you back to your needles. : )

20 12 2006

And what, pray, esteemed and noble office is Pedro running for, suck that I might be able to register to vote in the appropriate district to fulfill the subliminal message implanted into my susceptible brain matter???

I love the SWS, but have not purchased some yet, because I am on a diet 6 ways from Sunday, and don’t have the perfect project for it yet.

HOWEVER, I do have 3 50% off coupons for Joann’s this weekend, that can be used for said yarn…..I may demur then!

20 12 2006
Anne aka roxy

Fuzzy Feet Festival!

Nice work. 🙂

Nolan’s a cutie.

Love ya!


20 12 2006

Alas, CK, it’s a Michaels purchase. What colors do you like?

21 12 2006

Good lord!!! And people say I rant. Have you been drinking?!?

Totaly agree with you tho’

Happy Holiday.


29 12 2006

I just put a comment for here in the Donald Trump one, sorry.

30 12 2006

Yay fuzzy feet! You took a chance with the SWS as it felts like a MoFo, but boy does it turn out purty! I made some for my mom and one felt a bit tight on her (see above mofo comment) but I told her to suck it up and let it be. I swore to her it would work itself out with wear. Heh.

30 12 2006

I am going to have to try some Fuzzy Feet soon. I will be a first with me for felting and “socks”. Everytime I think of felted stuff on my non-pedicured feet I kind of shudder. I imagine itchy felted stuff scratching my dead skin. Too much info? LOL
On a less gross topic, your son is the cutest thing out there. Teach him to be nice to girls. 😉

2 01 2007

Good to see that the fuzzy feet worked well the second time. Those colors are gorgeous.

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