Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

19 12 2006

By which I mean, who was I fooling?  Leaving knitting!  As if!

So check this out.  From left to right:

Fuzzy Foot Failure, Fuzzy Foot Success, Fuzzy Foot needing to be felted.


Truthfully, I guess I’m gad the first attempt was an utter failure.  See how much nicer the colors are in Try #2?  Much prettier.  That’s Patons SWS.  I only had one knot in one skein, which is nice.  But I tell you, this stuff is strange to knit.  At some places it felt barely spun, as though they had laid the fibers together and let that be it.  It did pull apart at one point and heck yes was it fuzzy!  But it felt nice and it knit up so quickly.  And it felted nicely, too!  Here, I’m modeling them. 


Now, a peculiarity I’ve noticed is that when normally thin people photograph themselves modeling their socks, their calves/ankles/feet tend to look … humongous.  Maybe it’s me.  However, if this photo makes me look like I have chubby ankles it might be because I have chubby ankles. 

And speaking of socks!

Ok, my upstream Secret Pal should be admonished for blowing the budget.  However, I shan’t complain!  Check this out! I LOVE these books already, and have plans to knit up seven of each item.  I live in a desert, so sweaters and things like that might be fun to knit, but I’d spend eight months knitting an item I’d get to wear once, so these books totally thrill me!  And Peace Fleece!  I had to Google it, because I had to know the story.  Yes, my SP has a warm, generous heart and socially responsible yarn habits.  SO cool!  I really really like this yarn.  Guess what I’ll make!  Thank you so much, SP! 


And por fin, I leave you with this magnificent shot of my sweet Noleander.