This Is Our Last Goodbye

13 12 2006

Dear K____,

This letter is to inform you of our decision to end our relationship with you. This is strictly a business matter, as we’ve always found you to be cooperative, sincere, and enjoyable company. However, we feel that our interests would be best served by the hands and needles of another. We would be happy to provide a letter of reference for you should you decide to take up, say, stained glass window-making or perhaps chocolate pudding finger-painting.

While we regret that our affiliation with you has come to an end, we sincerely wish you the best in your future endeavors.



Fuzzy Feet for my Mom, whose foot is bigger than that well-worn shoe of mine.


Half Dome for my brother, who head is indeed larger than my son’s, but not this gigantic. Nolan and Chloe wore this hat at the same time.



17 responses

13 12 2006

Ummm… but they’re well done?

Leave of absence makes more sense, eh? You want I should “talk” with the Knitting HR department?

13 12 2006

Oh my goodness.

Well, perhaps in some other dimension, these items might be quite perfect.


13 12 2006

to be honest, the issue with the first, the fuzzy feet, was not the knitting per se, but the subsequent felting of said fuzzy feet.

My client, Knitting, takes exception to being blamed for the evil work of the washer, when the knitting was just fine!

On the second charge, We all make mistakes….really. It happens.

I think that kemtee is correct, a leave of absence would be appropriate.

you want me to negotiate a paid leave for you?!

13 12 2006
P del F

They look so lovely, though! You just can’t take that bogus letter lying down. Goodness, you’ve been my inspiration.

Isn’t sizing one of the biggest challenges of knitting? Sorta like… with cooking it’s finishing everything and getting it on the table, hot at the same time?

We’re going to do a Clapotis knit-along one of these days, I promise.

13 12 2006
P del F

Oh, and you know, my shoe size is a 7. 😉

13 12 2006

Hm, this doesn’t go on your permanent record does it?

If it makes you feel any better the hat I’m making for hottie bro I feel is going to have the opposite problem and be too small.

Do multiples run in your hat family? We might be able to convice our brother hats to mate and produce a pair of perfectly size twins.

13 12 2006
the kitchener bitch

Say it isn’t so! The knitters of the world need you for inspiration, girl! That letter was clearly meant for another K. (wait a minute… MY name starts with K… *drops needles*)

13 12 2006
P del F

“The knitters of the world need you for inspiration, girl!”

Seeeeeee? That’s what I meant. (Blah, I have finals brain.)

Has anyone told you in the last 12 minutes how truly stunning your son is? Even in this picture, with those killer eyes shielded. That kid is gonna be a heartbreaker.

14 12 2006

Nooo! I won’t allow it! You’re the one who made my current infatuation with dishcloths possible! OLPP not knitting is like… a summer without strawberries. It’s not you, it’s the yarn.


15 12 2006

Actualy, you are who I run to when the web becomes too odd.

15 12 2006

Come on now – you can’t disappoint Ed, can you? How will he get his Knit Fix if not via your blog?

15 12 2006

Realy! my life is odd to the XXXX
Wool is all I crave and all I want.
If you go, what is there?

15 12 2006

Bloody hell, I’ve just worked it out. OLPP has a writting contract, lucky cow, go,go go.
I’ll now talk to KP

15 12 2006

Yes my drafts are a little disjointed. I’m only in orbit once in a while. I enjoy a good read, wool is on my agenda. some time. But lately I’ll have better kuck trying to rob a bank!?

15 12 2006

Seriously, Ed, are you drunk?

16 12 2006

Yes I was

17 12 2006
Secret Pal

Oh no you don’t! Sit down have a glass of wine and a good long talk with the yarn and needles. All will be better in the morning.

At least wait till the end of January when SP9 is over *snicker*

Also, you should have something from me tomorrow or Tuesday. :o)

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