This Is Our Last Goodbye

13 12 2006

Dear K____,

This letter is to inform you of our decision to end our relationship with you. This is strictly a business matter, as we’ve always found you to be cooperative, sincere, and enjoyable company. However, we feel that our interests would be best served by the hands and needles of another. We would be happy to provide a letter of reference for you should you decide to take up, say, stained glass window-making or perhaps chocolate pudding finger-painting.

While we regret that our affiliation with you has come to an end, we sincerely wish you the best in your future endeavors.



Fuzzy Feet for my Mom, whose foot is bigger than that well-worn shoe of mine.


Half Dome for my brother, who head is indeed larger than my son’s, but not this gigantic. Nolan and Chloe wore this hat at the same time.