This is NOT my calling!

5 12 2006

I tried to be all artsy fartsy, get a nature shot of the Half Dome I’m knitting for my brother for Christmas. He’s my giftee for this year’s Sibling Christmas Swap-o-Rama. Oddly enough I had him last year, too, and I made him a very cool blanket, fuzzy argyle on one side and pimpalicious satiny fabric on the other. He’s a vegan, so no wool or silk or angora or anything like that. Kid gets the GGH cotton/linen blend and by Gum he will love it!

You know, I somewhat stink at this knitting thing and it is precisely for this reason that I dare not attempt any sort of big garment. A sweater, por ejemplo. The hat is puckery in some places, and down near the color change I realized that I hadn’t switched on of the size 3 needles to the size 5 called for in the hat’s recipe. Crappit. However, mark my words! I’ve already got plans for the traditional Christmas Ticket from my grandparent: I’ll be knitting a Clapotis in the indescribably gorgeous and luscious Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb. Oh yes. I will. I might even buy myself some fancy shmancy needles with which to knit her. And again, pardon the fuzzy photo. One of these days I’ll figure out that macro setting!

That’s all! I’m off to Gigi’s house for a day of Christmas preparation. Tomorrow we’ll get our own tree, and Thursday it shall be decorated. Pictures to follow!

PS- I love you, Knittyheads. I do. I love you.




2 responses

5 12 2006

You’re in AZ right? Stick it on a cacti next. That would be totally badass.
Ok, not really, but I like using the word “badass” in a sentence.

Just keep at it, your knitting will improve. Oh yes, it will improve!

15 12 2006

What you knit is fine by anyone. FOCUS!!!

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