And Now Back to Our Regular Happiness!

22 11 2006

Whew that was grouchy! Everything will be fine. I might start a campaign to have Denise Tivet of the useless Phoenix CPS office FIRED, but anyway. Back to happy things, because truly, everything will be ok.

Socks. I love knitting socks! They’re relatively small projects, not too complicated (I love heels!), and who doesn’t love socks? This pair for my Dad, I’ve lost track of when I started. Second Sock Syndrome struck pretty hard. Here’s a weird thing, though. When I added the blue for the heel, I thought “Heck, I don’t want to purl all those rows! I think I’ll turn the sock inside out and knit everything.” So I did. But then I can’t remember if I turned it back right-side-out, and now, instead of the socks creeping towards the floor as I knit it’s creeping towards my chin. And it feels weird to knit this way. When I don’t have a Christmas deadline looking over my head, I’ll re-examine my sock knitting techniques. When you knit a sock, is the heel purled? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for me to just knit it as it was and THEN turned the sock inside out? Who knows.

That’s about all I’ve got knitting right now. That, and the second Fuzzy Foot for my mother, and the scarf for the KYB KAL. Knitting = happy. And heavens, that’s a crappy picture!

Ok, thank you again for the words of kindness after my spazz out there.




3 responses

24 11 2006
the kitchener bitch

I hope you had a happy pre-Turkey Day with the little kidlets!

Who loves you, baby?

28 11 2006

Hey, post the update, girl!

Inquiring minds wanna know!

And look there’s new dirt!

29 02 2012

What a hateful person!

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