My Beloved Monster and Me

13 11 2006

Thank you, Eels, for the song title.

That’s my breakfast and my knitting. The two go hand in hand, skipping merrily along. Yesterday JungleJim and I went to the farther away AJ’s to have sushi lunch at their sushi bar. Yum. There’s nothing like raw fishy goodness wrapped in seaweed after a morning of Tae Bo. I think one of our family Christmas gifts this year will be a sushi kit. Anyway. What you see next to my breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, and 7th cup of coffee is a scarf for the Knit Your Bit project. I like it. Very easy to knit, which is good considering my recent Utter Failure at anything other than plain knit and purl.

I had such a fantastic weekend! The kids won their baseball game on Saturday, first time this season! I made some nice stitch markers for myself with extras to send along to random people. Our sushi lunch yesterday was great, and afterwards we drove up to Cave Creek, which is a gorgeous little town straight north of our place. There was some crazy Wild West Day thing going on, which we skipped. What did I spy with my little eye? A yarn shop that was quite closed. Curses. I’ll go back up later on this week, maybe.

And now, this. I was looking at KnitPicks’ KIP bags and thought about Knit In Public Day. I’m wondering if anyone has any qualms about knitting in public. Why wouldn’t a knitter knit in public? I knit every darned where I can. A few weeks ago I was on a flight up to Detroit, knitting my fears away. The people across the aisle were a bit alarmed by my Clover bamboo size 7 straights (who wouldn’t be?) and made plans to wrestle them away from me should I unexpectedly become unruly. For real. When I finished that scarf I pulled out my DPNs and the hat I was making for #1 Niece. The girl beside me squirmed with unease. So did I, we were experiencing turbulence. As we bumped and tumbled along she asked me in a nervous tone, “Is there a chance you could poke me with one of those?” I should have said “Well certainly! Where would you like me to poke?” But as my stomach was cramming itself under my liver, trying to hide form the turbulence, all I bothered to mumble was “No, not at all.” I knit all the time. It never occurred to me that knitting in public would be a weird thing. I knit at my kids’ baseball games and practice, karate practice, I knit everywhere. And I never feel deviant or daring about it. I’d be nervous and twitchy without it! How about you?

Speaking of karate, my kids’ sensei died this weekend. He was maybe in his 50s, really gnarly, unhealthy-lookin’ fella. That always cracked me up. How can you be rather piggish and extol the virtues of exercise and physical discipline? Apparently you cannot. Or at least he could not. I did not like this man, it’s true. During one class he bitched at the kids for asking too many questions, saying “If I wanted to be nagged I’d have gotten married!” and later hit them with “YOU people are the reason the vasectomy was invented!” followed by “You’ve stepped all over my last nerve!” RIP Sensei David. I knew something was up when Nolan’s voice was coming across in his Sad Tone. )This was their weekend at their father’s house, and they call every night.) For a moment I thought he was going to tell me about the loss of another cat. Their father is the crazy old man with a million cats. Quite a few of the strays around his house have met their demise in strange ways, most recently Zuzu, who was crushed by the garage door. But no, it wasn’t a cat, it was Sensei David. I’d make some joke here about how I used to call him Sensei Big Butt to the kids but that would be rude, seeing as how he’s deceased and all.

That’s al the dirt I’ve got.




5 responses

13 11 2006

Oh, my…..I don’t know what to say about sensei.

I do remember once being on a flight and having my seat mate ask me if it was legal….. “Well yeah, buddy, knitting keeps me from the crack. You bet it’s legal.”

13 11 2006

I knit at the movie theater while waiting for my movie to start on Sat. I don’t see any problem with it.

RIP Sensei.

13 11 2006

The last place I knit in public in Michigan before I left was the Detroit airport. But it was empty and no one looked at me like I was going to poke them. 😦

14 11 2006

Best response I’ve ever had from knitting in public was from the clown-balloon guy at the ball game last summer. As he was tying up his eleventy-second balloon poodle of the night, he observed me knitting away, pausing only for sips of beer. “Hmmm,” he said, nodding approvingly. “Multitasking. I like it.” Then he waddled away. But no one’s ever given me looks of fear. Well, except the people in the lane next to me as we merged toward the tunnel. They were a little worried about me steering with my knees….

16 11 2006

I find that people do look at me kind of funny, but I’ve only gotten positive comments (I’ve been known to knit in waiting rooms, coffee shops, and during my downtime at work.) I do feel self-conscious though sometimes, who knows why.

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