The Dirt! Ha!

9 11 2006

I like it! Snazzy new layout, and it makes me giggle. So to prove that I do, from time to time, still knit, here are all of my WIPs.

This is the Mystical Creation Yarn that I bought during my very first fit of yarn lust. I had no idea what made yarn so wonderful and delicious, so when I saw this on eBay in one of those weird, more than one item at a time auctions I made a crazy bid and found myself a skrabillion dollars into this purchase. Bought four skeins, traded two. Anyway, isn’t it gorgeous? I love to look at it. It’s another Dream Swatch Wrap.

This brown misshapen lump is going to be a Hobo Chic bag by the creator of the beloved Sophie bag. I like to read her blog! This has been on the needles ever since we got back from our family vacation in San Diego and I finished off the Sophie. Can’t wait ‘til I have the time to finish it, because felted bags rock my socks. (I never wear socks.) (Ooh but wait! I got some very cool sock yarn in a RAK from ZKnitter, so when I knit that up I shall wear socks!)

This collection is entitled Christmas Presents. The black (yarn in the RAK from ZKnitter) will be a hat for Nolan. You know, Nolan! The gorgeous blue eyed blondie down there! The brown will be the second sock in a pair for my Dad. Blue heel and toe, very cool, very Dad-like. The red is the second Fuzzy Foot for my mother (whose feet I daresay are already fuzzy….)

This is a Random Lace update for Jas, who made that gorgeous laceweight yarn. I’m not that far into it, as you see.

This is The Princess Wrap That Refuses To Be, made with Secret Pal Alpaca. I’m telling you, if this yarn were anything less and any less delicious than it is, I’d have thrown it al out the window into the arroyo behind our place. For some reason I CANNOT knit this pattern! And it’s SO easy! But somehow mistakes plague me and I’m now on my forty-twelfth attempt. Seriously. The yarn is just so much fun to hold that I don’t mind. It’s so soft and squooshy. Secret Pal, there aren’t words to describe how much I adore this yarn. So much of what I knit ends up as gifts for other people, but this yarn was for ME the instant I opened the package. I also dig the bamboo, non-fancy needles!

And now, Dirt. As you may or may not know, in my life is a wonderful man I like to call JungleJim. This is so no one confuses him with StingRayJim and/or DinnerDateJim. Of course, StingRayJim is off saving the world and consequently there aren’t any more stories about him. DinnerDateJim… well, the less said about that the better. But yes, JungleJim. The first half of this week saw JungleJim in
New York for a very large convention, internet advertising and such. We missed him something fierce. All day Sunday the kids and I moped around the empty spaces where JungleJim would have been. Finally, yesterday evening he returned home to us. Out of his suitcase JungleJim fished out a totally cool, totally cheesy “I (heart) New York” snow globe for Chlo and an “I (heart) New York” piggy bank for Nolan. Aw! Sweet! And then he told me about the t-shirt he bought himself. I waited for my corny New York present. And waited. Waited some more. I’d still be waiting, except it occurred to me that he didn’t bring me anything. This occurred to me after he said “I didn’t bring you anything!” I admit, I pouted. And get this! I even CRIED! Over cheesy little New York airport souvenirs. I lied and said it was an eyelash, and then I lied again later and said it was Buffalo wing sauce that was making me cry. Well really! It’s the thought that counts, and he thought about himself, and the kids, but me? Once my hurt became subtly apparent he dashed into his suitcase and rifled through the myriad pens he’d gotten at the trade show. Golly! A trade show pen. Well, it lights up, so that’s cool, I guess. But it was a non-present!

Ah well. I griped, and my sweet personal astrologist Blanket (no blog or I’d link you) helped me see the light. I got over my bad self. I think JungleJim knew I felt left out, so what did he do? He jumped online and booked a trip to New York for the two of us in January. Ok, loverman? It would have been SOOOOooooo much easier and cheaper for you to buy me a t-shirt, too, but sure, I’d love to go to New York! Now I can’t wait for him to not bring me a present from the trade show in Venice (Italy, not California)!




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9 11 2006

Love the new layout!!!

And awwww….that’s sweet of him to have bought you two a ticket to NYC.

But tell him even my boss brought me back a I

9 11 2006

This is only a test to see how big of a comment I can make because I think Bezzie’s comment got cut off. I doubt her boss would have brought her just an “I”. But that’s me.

9 11 2006

Awesome!! Love your new look!! Your knitting in the wild is too cool too! Awww you’re gonna wear socks now..sniff, I feel special! hehe!

Yay for you trip to NYC! BTW, one trip to Houston I got hubby a I love TX nail clipper…well it was a big one ;)…that was after he went to Vegas and got me a trivet…yep…a trivet for hot food! I get pens too!

10 11 2006

Me likee the new layout. I also think that JungleJim has learned a wee lesson. “Ti amo Venezia” t-shirt, anyone? (Which actually wouldn’t be half bad, come to think of it.)

10 11 2006

You will stop by and say hello while you are here in NY, yes? Or will you be holed up in your hotel room the entire time, *wink wink*? 🙂

10 11 2006

The dirt….yeah for good clean dirt!

10 11 2006
P del F

Mayhaps he bought you something but did not have the guts to give it to you yet…



11 11 2006

HOY CARP, I’m so jealous! 🙂

11 11 2006

Oh, and I love the new layout!

11 11 2006

Holy cow, Lady, you have more WIPs than I can stick a shake at! Have I mentioned that I’m jealous of your alpaca? And New York – wow! What fun!

12 11 2006
the kitchener bitch

That is so sweet. JungleJim comes through again. Now you should get him to pick up some trinkets for the kids at a jeweler’s…

I can’t believe how many Christmas presents you’re knitting. I hang my head in knitterly shame!

the new layout looks fantastic! Congrats on ditching Blogger – I’m sure you’ll be happier with it.

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